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So many questions
« on: November 09, 2020, 04:25:08 PM »
I am playing a game against myself and as I do so one question after another keeps popping up so I opened this up and I'm just keeping a running list as every question arises.

1) If you band a character in battle, after the battle is resolved do they remain banded in your territory? (Also, once a battle is resolved, the victors return to the Territory not your hand, even if they came from your hand, right?)

2) If you play any card that has the special ability to draw 1 card (in my case it was Purple Brigade Peter), and you draw a Lost Soul, do you place the Lost Soul in your Land of Redemption and re-draw another card to you hand? (In my situation I drew 3 Lost Souls in a row and the 4th card I put in my hand)

3) If you play a card that has the special ability to negate demons (i.e., Purple Brigade Peter), does it automatically negate any special abilities of any future entering Evil Character Demon (i.e., Foul Spirit that has special ability Negate Heroes.)

4) Is it wise/beneficial to lay down all Good/Evil Characters into your Territory and only hold onto Enhancements?

5) If you have a character with a weapon enhancement, and your opponent plays a card to discard your evil character, I'm assuming that also discards the weapon attached to him?

6) I have a card that wasn't in the original I & J Decks but came in a booster pack and I don't understand it:  Evil Enhancement, Black Brigade, no ability numbers, "Danites Attack." "Take one Lost Soul site from opponent and place in your territory. If site held a Lost Soul(s). Lost Soul(s) is returned to general Land of Bondage. Discard any other card in that site."  ...what's a site? and what?

7) Again, I have a card that wasn't in the original I & J Decks but came in a booster pack: Silver Brigade 3/5 Providing Angel. Special Ability: "Holder may take a healing enhancement..." What's a healing enhancement? I went thru the deck and didn't see anything that said "heal"

8.) Is it really possible to go several turns and not be able to block each other? Like both my "players" have only good characters so far.

9) What is the point of a Battle Challenge with no Lost Souls to rescue? Just to try to make your opponent discard characters?

10) After you've played a Dominant in battle and won, does it return to your Territory or your discard pile?

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Re: So many questions
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2020, 04:45:59 PM »
1) No. A band brings a character into battle. If the band is on a character, you can choose a different target next time they enter battle. If it's on an Enhancement, it's more intended to be one-use, although there are ways to recur them.

2) Yes, except it goes to your Land of Bondage, not Land of Redemption. Any time you draw cards, you put the Lost Souls in your Land of Bondage and replace them until you've got the specified number to add to your hand (or you run out of cards in your deck).

3) Abilities usually only last for the phase in which they activate - if Peter enters battle, he negates demons for that battle. In the next battle, demons are not negated unless Peter enters battle again.

4) Not really. Cards in your territory are more vulnerable than cards in your hand, and it lets your opponent know what you have.

5) Yes. Cards on/in other cards follow them in most instances. Weapons specifically follow the character unless it captured or rescued, in which case the weapon is discarded.

6 & 7) The I/J decks are trimmed down and don't have every card type. Sites are cards that have pyramid icons where there's the cross/Bible/dragon/skill, and you can put a Lost Soul in them to limit who can rescue them, as the brigade of the Site limits access to Heroes with that brigade (or otherwise have access). I think every healing Enhancement uses the word "heal", but I'm not certain.

Spoiler (hover to show)

As for Danites Attack, it takes a Site from your opponent (territory or battle) and puts it in your territory. The Lost Soul remains in their territory, and any other cards that had been placed on the Site are discarded.

8) Yes. A random shuffle leaves the possibility that no one draws Evil Characters.

9) A battle challenge is usually used to use your character's ability. Boaz's draw 1, Elders of the City's search, etc.

10) Unless a Dominant places itself somewhere, it is discarded after use.

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Re: So many questions
« Reply #2 on: November 10, 2020, 06:36:17 PM »
Hey Leighfy,

If you're interested, I have a YouTube channel called Redemption with Jayden and I recently posted a couple tutorial games, one with the I/J decks and one with slightly improved decks. Watching those might be helpful to learn about some of the interactions you had questions about. Here is the link to the first one of you're interested.