Author Topic: "Take To Territory" Effects and Duplicate Unique Cards in Territory  (Read 191 times)

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Can my “take to territory” effect target my opponent’s unique card of which I already have my own copy in my territory?  For example, I play the "Remnant" Lost Soul and want to take my opponent's Jonah to my territory, but I already have my own copy of Jonah in my territory.  I know that I will not end up with 2 copies of Jonah in my territory, so I'm assuming that I either cannot target my opponent's Jonah in the first place or as soon as the second Jonah hits my territory it is discarded.  The question is which one happens?

"Remnant" Lost Soul (PoC): "If put in play, take a hero from Reserve or a character in an opponent's territory to territory until this car leaves play."

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From the REG>Glossary>Duplicate Cards:
Players are restricted from performing optional game rules that would result in a player controlling multiple copies of the same unique card. A card is protected from any ability that would cause that card to become a second copy of a unique card controlled by a single player. If a player does end up controlling multiple copies of a unique card, all copies of that card except the original copy are discarded regardless of protection or immunity.

Based on the bolded sentence, your opponent's Jonah would be protected from the take ability, so you can't target it.