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Posting Guidelines
« on: August 03, 2006, 01:58:41 PM »
I want to welcome everyone to this section of the board, and I hope that the people managing this site are able to help you sort out ruling questions, tricky wording, and all the other little idiosyncracies that make up the game of Redemption.

It should be noted that if the answer to a question can be found in the Rulebook or in the REG, most of the time you will be pointed to the relevant section with a link or a quote.  These resources are designed to help provide information to players of all skill levels, and we highly recommend you check these resources before posting questions.  Chances are, you'll be able to find what you're looking for most of the time.

One negative aspect of the EZBoard was its broken (practically non-existent) Search function, which was almost completely useless in referring to older threads which contained discussions and rulings on thorny issues.  The Search function on the new forum software is much more powerful and effective.  As this section continues to grow and more issues are covered, the Search function will become quite useful in checking to see if a question not found in other resources has already been answered here.  We suggest using the search function to see if your question has already been asked and answered, before posting.

In the interest of reducing clutter, I most likely am going to just link old threads and lock repeated questions, so if for some reason a previously-discussed issue needs to be looked at again, don't be shy about bumping older threads.  I know it's not good netiquette in most other instances, but this should keep the number of threads to dig around for an answer to a minimum, and the older posts will remind us how we got to the point in the game where we are now.

The people who volunteer their time and energy for Cactus are highly dedicated to making sure every player has the best experience possible, and has as much information as we can possibly think to provide.  I have met every single one of them personally and have every confidence in speaking for them in this matter.  Please utilize the resources made available to you to help get the most out of your Redemption experience, and if you are still unable to find what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to ask.  If we don't know the answer, we will make every effort to determine it quickly.

Thank you for your time and attention.
- Schaef

Links to available resources:
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Re: Posting Guidelines
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2006, 09:09:49 PM »
In the interests of making this forum as useful and efficient for everyone as possible, please follow these guidelines:

1. When starting a thread, please give it a title relevant to the topic. A million threads titled "Question" makes it harder to find the specific information one is looking for.

2. Please refer to the current rulebook and/or REG if at all possible before posting. Many questions can be answered that way.

3. Please include card special abilities when posting questions if at all possible. This greatly facilitates answering questions.

We thank you for your support.  :)


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Re: Posting Guidelines
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Could people also make sure to spell out a cards name completely and then put the abbreviation in paranthesis? I know I when reading a post with a bunch of abbreviations I get so confused I lose interest in what the person is trying to communicate that I stop reading.


Authority of Christ Promo: Discard all evil characters in play. May not be interrupted, negated, or prevented.

High Priest's Palace: Protect Pharisee and Sadducee Evil Characters in your territory from discard. Hold one active Unholy Writ or Thirty Pieces of Silver

You are talking about the Authority of Christ Promo and High Priest's Palace, this is how you should denot the abbreviation. "I have the Authority of Christ Promo (AoCP) in my deck. To insure that I do not discard my own evil characters when I play AoCP I have included High Priet's Palace (HPP).  Since all of my evil characters are Pharisees and Saducees, AoCP does not harm my evil characters when I have HPP in my territory."

Using different colors for card titles is not necessary. I just did it to make sure my point was made clear. Hopefully this is clear and approved to be posted by the people who control this message board.
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