Author Topic: The Importance of including Card Abilities when posting Questions - Please Read  (Read 7492 times)

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Hey guys  :) As a community it should be our goal to help each other out. One of the most tangible ways this can happen in terms of Redemption is to help each other gain a better understanding of the rules for this great, but very complex, game.

In my experience, there are a lot of people here willing to help explain things, but it helps them help you when relevant card abilities are included. Here's some things to consider...

When you have a question, first consider trying the Search function. Many times (especially after a new set comes out) the same types of questions are asked--often about the same card. Simply go to the Search tab, type in the card name, uncheck all boxes except "Ruling Questions" and give that a shot. I've had pretty good success doing this. Keep in mind that sometimes a ruling has changed so if the post/answer you find is from several years ago, it's perfectly fine to reply on that thread and ask "Is this still the current ruling?"

If you cannot find the answer that way, by all means start a new thread. However, before you post a ruling question, you should ask yourself- "Should I post the abilities when asking this question?" Short answer - almost always yes.

                                                                                                                 -Why is it important to post abilities?-

Clarity. In some cases, there are multiple versions of the card in question. Posting the ability would allow anyone to immediately know which one you’re talking about, especially if people are only familiar with one version.

Ease of answering. Most people don’t want to have to access an outside resource in order to understand what’s being discussed--often times people "duck in" to the forum for a quick five minutes during a break at work or school so while they might like to answer your question, they don't have time to look everything up to make sure they get it right.

New understanding. Sometimes posting the ability can shed light on how a card is actually worded and how it really functions contrasting to how people perceive it to function.

Avoiding the question. Often times whenever a question arises, it can be answered by simply rereading the card. Posting abilities usually forces you to read the card’s ability again, and can help answer the question before it’s even asked. You never know when re-reading a card ability might lead to a Nationals-winning deck strategy... ::)

                                                                                                        -Most importantly, and the main reason to do so-

Community. These questions are for everyone’s benefit, not just those who already know what every card in the game does.

Q: When is it okay not to post abilities?

A: When a card is so common that it sees heavy play, and the wording is simple and well-known (Doms, LS, etc), or when the question is less about actual abilities and more about certain scenarios, game mechanics or something other than the card's ability (i.e. identifiers -- Is King of Tyrus a king?)


If the card is from the newest set, it is always beneficial post the whole ability. This helps for future revisits of the topic and is especially helpful for players who don't have the newest cards.
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