Author Topic: 2021 NY State T1-2P 2nd Place "Ruthless Rulers"  (Read 528 times)

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2021 NY State T1-2P 2nd Place "Ruthless Rulers"
« on: July 01, 2021, 02:45:50 PM »
Deck Size: 52

Lost Souls: 7

Doms: 7
FA (Wo)
GoYS (RoJ)
3 Woes

Support: 11
Book of the Covenant
Endless Treasures
Flying Scroll (PoC)
Cov. w/ David (PoC)
Naomi's Blessing/Heartbroken
Kinsmen's Agreement
Threshing Floor
Majestic Heavens
Land of Moab

Heroes: 9
Salmon,  the Cloaked
Boaz' Foreman
Boaz, the Redeemer
Ruth, the Redeemed
David, Heart After God
Elders of the City

GEs: 5
Solomon's Dream
Royal Parade (LoC)
Boaz' Offspring
Words of  Encouragement

EC's: 9
The Deceiver
Messenger of Satan (EC)
Outsiders B/G
Proud Pharisee
King Rehoboam
KoT (PoC)
Red Dragon (RoJ)
Judean Mediums

EE's: 4
Deafening Spirit
Lurking (Promo)
Wages (FoM)

Reserve: 10
The Gates of Hell
I Am Creator
Your God Will Be My God
Oath of  Purity
Rahab (LoC)
7 Sons of Sceva
Orpah Departs

Thanks to Jay Chambers for his original post of this deck. I tweaked it a little and it was able to be really successful this tournament! Deck went 2-1 with a timeout loss, a win, and then a timeout win.

Round 1: Patrick (CT) 4-2 timeout loss
Started out well with me getting a decent draw to get most of my Ruth setup early. However, Patrick's LoC Throne deck droughted me the rest of the game once I rescued 2 souls. He was able to keep using Throne to search for kings but continue to shuffle souls away from drawing position in his deck. Plus, I continuously forgot that I had Majestic Heavens out and continually missed creating Souls  with it. It was a really good game and I got several good blocks with Mediums/Demon CBN bands. Tough loss for me.

Round 2: Tanner (CT) 5-1 Win
This game was rough for my opponent. I believe he was a newer player, but he did really well trying to play his cards considering they were older cards vs. the newer set cards in my deck. Again, getting Ruth stuff out early was key and was able to create a couple LSs with MH.

Round 3: Rob (NY) 2-0 Timeout Win
This game was fairly defensive in nature; hence the score. Rob was able to capture my David and Elders during the game with CBN cap ability blocks with new King Rezin. However, my defense was able to hold him off several times. Was able to block with Mediums/RD band, but he was able to then discarded my RD by negating his protect. I Lurked to get seven sons from reserve to get RD back. That was a good key block along with a Messenger of Satan to play SSS with both Orphans and Wicked LS in my LoB to pull off the removal and shuffle. Very good game. Just wished I could have done more offensively as I didn't have much of my stuff out for this game.

Great Tournament! Thanks RobM~~~