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NC Regionals Booster Draft 1st
« on: July 17, 2022, 04:11:59 PM »
We did a draft with 5 LoC super packs at NC Regionals. It was pretty good. 8)

LS: 7
Meek x7

Doms: 2
Ride on Victoriously/Awesome Things
Led Astray

Arts: 1
Book of the Law

Sites/Forts: 1

Heroes: 11
Father Abraham

Good Enh: 7
Root of Jesse
Feast of Atonement
Judah's Intervention
Love at First Sight
By My Spirit
Ruth's Vow
Jacob Buries the Idols

DAE: 4
Wild Ox
Stolen Blessing
Land Dispute
Speak Favorably

ECs: 11
Moabite Camp
Moabite Messenger
Philistine Garrison
Philistine Commanders
Philistine Armor Bearer
Philistine Invaders

EE: 6
Return the Captives
All the Curses
Foreign Horses
Goliath's Armor
Goliath's Curse

So my first card off the bat in the first pack was Abraham (UR+), which I thought was a no-brainer until I saw the Joshua, the Conqueror in the same pack...

I was so close to taking Joshua but I'm so glad I went with Abe instead, as that made my offense super easy to draft and super consistent to boot. With an early Abraham my offense was going pretty deep just about every turn (with Book or something to bounce Abe), and if I didn't have Abe then I didn't feel bad about attacking with Leah to set up Abe again or Peleg or Serug banded to one of the massive meek blue guys instead. I feel like I had just enough enhancements with all the DAE being used as good to not have to worry about not being able to rescue with Abe every turn.

But one of the sneaky good plays the deck does is the classic Love at First Sight hand reset. With Return the Captives to bounce all the other player's Heroes before battle LaFS becomes really nasty if they don't see it coming. It can be tough to come back from that.

I think out of the 5 packs my first picks were the following:

Philistine Garrison
Root of Jesse
Led Astray

Overall, even though there were only 50 cards to draft with, I didn't feel like any cards I included were 'filler' or forced in. The seven I didn't include were I think 4 of the 5 cards passed to me as the last card, along with an Invoking Terror and a couple other crimson cards I couldn't justify fitting with only 1 crimson character (2 with Wild Ox). Super packs seem to make for very consistent and fun drafts; we'll have to see if Nats GoC can live up to the hype!
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