Author Topic: 2020 NJ district tournament sealed 1st place  (Read 2247 times)

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2020 NJ district tournament sealed 1st place
« on: September 16, 2020, 03:54:04 PM »
Hello everyone.
Here is my first place sealed deck from the 2020 NJ district tournament. We did an interesting booster where instead of using the starter deck, we just opened 10 packs and built our decks from that with out any trading. It was a lot of fun and I had a good time. Anyway here’s the deck list

Deck size:51

Lost souls: 7
6 meek
Proverbs 119:150

Doms: 1
Valley of dry bones

Artifacts/Forts: 2
Asherah Pole

Hero’s: 11
Azariah the strong (LoC)
Jotham the mighty (LoC)
Jehoshaphat, the seeker (LoC)
Joshua, the Conqueror (LoC)
Matthan, the Defender (LoC)
Judean Garrison (LoC) the
Phinehas, Son of Eleazar (FoM)
Joshua the High Priest (LR)
Jehoiada, King Maker (LoC)
The Angel of Might (RoJ)
Jesse, the Ephrathite (LoC)

Good Enhancements: 11
Jehoiada’s Strength (LR)
Day of the lord (PoC)
Appointing Judges (LoC)
Builders Spear (LoC)
Impartial Judgement (LoC)
Jael’s nail (Wo)
Fifth Bowl of Wrath (RoJ)
Boaz Resolve (LoC)
Faith Unbowed (LoC)
Josiah’s Covenant (LoC)
David’s proclamation (LoC)

Evil Characters:8
Taskmaster (FoM)
Salome (TxP)
Egyptian Warden (FooF)
Janes (FoM)
Users of Curious Arts (TxP)
Trembling Demon (FooF)
Deceiving Spirit (FooF)
Gomer (FooF)

Evil Enhancements: 9
Corrupt Earth (FoM)
Blindness (PoC)
Worshipping Demons (FooF)
Boasting of riches (Priests)
Beheaded (Disciples)
Ruthless (FooF)
Egyptian Spear (FooF)
Building Egypt (Priests)
Joseph’s Brothers Scheme (Patriarchs)

Amminadab the generous (LoC)
Zadok the Comsummate (LoC)
Abihud the progeny (LoC)
Judah the leader (LoC)
Torn Kingdom (LoC)
Centurions proclamation (disciples)
Kindness (Disciples)
Gold shield (RoA)
Babel (Patriarchs)
Wickedness Abounds (priests)

I got pretty lucky the first two games because I soul droughted and didn’t need to use my defense. In my third game tho, Matthan was really handy because my opponents defense was mainly grey, and I was able to get out his lost souls. Another great card in my deck was Joshua the conqueror because I was able to get rid of some really pesky artifacts on my opponents side. So overall the games were great and I had an amazing time.

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Re: 2020 NJ district tournament sealed 1st place
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2020, 10:08:45 PM »
Kayden! Your deck was awesome! It gave me a rough time. Plus it didnt help that I was droughted nor was I drawing my offensive cards when the souls did come out. You did great!


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