Author Topic: 2022 ID District Booster Draft 1st Place  (Read 2028 times)

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2022 ID District Booster Draft 1st Place
« on: January 28, 2022, 11:40:48 PM »
I was tearing down my decks and re-organizing my card after last weekend's District and remembered how well my Booster Draft deck did.  If I remember correctly my overall Lost Soul Score was 14-2 after 3 rounds.

Missionary Ship
I Am Creator
Holy Grail

Paul's Nephew
The Generous Givers
Mary the Mother of Mark

Divide and Unify
Unity in Christ
Power of the Cross
Praise from Prison
A New Creation
Trapped in Cleverness
Elymas Struck Blind
Bravery of Priscilla
Mercy of James
Created by Christ

Seizing Spirit
Evil Angel
Messenger of Satan
Doomed Conpirators
Red Dragon
Selfish Kinsman

Twice Afflicted
Sinning Hand
Pride before Calamity
Evil Strength
Hypocrite's Proselyte
Table of Demons
King's Pomp
Stolen Idols
Cast into Lion's Den
7x NT Meek Lost Souls

First off this draft was crazy with the amount of packs we used.  I struggled drafting a consistent brigade for defense but managed to get two really decent banding demons early so I never passed up decent Orange EEs that came my way during the draft as I knew I most likely would be splashing Orange with those demons no matter what.  The defense ended up being super strong and consistent with 3 colors focused on banding a brown or crimson human to one of my demons allowing me a ton of options with different color Evil Enhancements.  Red Dragon was obviously really strong but I still consistently pulled off Impostors' chump block every game.  Got an awesome Doomed Conspirators LS shuffle one game that turned into a soul drought for my opponent the rest of the game.  I felt like The Messenger of Satan draw turned the tempo to my favor consistently as the overall card draw for everyone's deck was low (I even had a draw 9 off of Messenger one turn that my opponent unfortunately couldn't recover from).

I drafted really decent Blue Good Enhancements and expected to play Blue but I didnt feel that my drafted Blue Heroes justified splashing Blue with how good my Clay looked. I drafted some really good Clay Enhancements so I was super comfortable rescuing with Timothy and Paul's Nephew to ensure I had initiative and kept my opponent on the back foot trying to stop one of my 6 Good Enhancements that Capture/Convert/Underdeck/Discard. Kindness on Paul's Nephew felt super strong as I could look at opponent's hand every turn and have a pretty good idea on what Evil Brigade I wanted to be immune to next turn with Kindness.  Holy Grail was helpful when I knew I was facing 2 potential Evil Characters of different Brigades as I could convert one Evil Character with Holy Grail and be immune to the other with Kindness.
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