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Blood of the Maryters
« on: August 14, 2017, 02:07:11 PM »
Player Name: Turtlegamer81
Deck Name (if applicable): Blood of Maryters
Offense: Maryters
Defense: Romans
Unique Element: Capture Deck
Size: 56
Primacy: 3

Deck List:

Dom.: 7

Son God I

New Jerusalem Promo

Angel of Lord I

Guardian of your Souls RJ

Falling Away Cloud

Christian Martyr I

Three Woes RJ

Lost Souls: 7

Crowds Promo

Nt Only Apostle

Beggar Disciples

Rejoice J

Destruction Cloud

Lawless Cloud

Site discard G

Site: 1

Nero's Realm Persecuted church

Artifacts: 2

Seven Lamps of Fire RJ

Chariot of Fire Promo

Fortress: 2

Coliseum Cloud

Alexandrian Ship PC

Hero: 10

Angel from the Sun RJ

Peter ec

Paul Promo

The Two Witnesses RJ

Faithful Witness RJ

The Angel of the Winds Cloud

Stephen Ec

Justin Martyr RJ

Antipas RJ

Fifth Seal/ Justice Seekers RJ

Good Enchantments: 8

Words of Encouragement king

Lamb's of Righteousness RJ

Word of their Testimony Cloud

Blood of the Lamb RJ

Resurrection of Martyrs RJ

Overcome RJ

Not Alone RJ

Preaching in the Synagogue EC

Evil Char: 11

Centurion at Jerusalem PC

Julius the Centurion PC

The Roman Jailer PC

The Terrifying Beast RA

The Frog Demons RJ

Coliseum Lion Cloud

Lions Cloud

Emperor Claudius PC

Emperor Nero Ap

Emperor Domitian RJ

Emperor Tiberius J

Evil Enchantments: 8

Crucify Him J

Namaan's Chariot and Horses FF

Demonic Snare Aw

Seize Him RJ

Arrest in Jerusalem pc

Plot to kill RJ

Coliseum Lions j

Roman Spear pc 

Keep your Faith and everything else will work itself out