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Here's the deck I used for most of this past season when we had a few tournaments and I had a chance to play. I based the idea on mine and Justin's Teams decks from Nats last year, but with Samuel banned early in the season, I shifted from the Throne offense to just straight Prophets and kept the defense mostly the same. Since LoC didn't really add much to Green and Crimson specifically, the only LoC card I updated the deck with was Aliens.

Check out my game with it against The Guardian here.

Deck: 50

Lost Souls: 7

1   Lost Soul (Hunter)
1   Lost Soul (Prosperity)
1   Lost Soul (Remant)
1   Lost Soul (Jeremiah 28:6) (Exiles)
1   Lost Soul "Darkness" (Job 30:26) (Promo)
1   Lost Soul "Humble" (James 4:6/Proverbs 3:34) (RoJ AB)
1   Lost Soul (Covet)

Dominants: 7

1   Son of God (2019) (Promo)
1   The Second Coming (CoW AB)
1   Angel of the Lord (H)
1   Valley of Dry Bones (PoC)
1   Three Woes (RoJ AB)
1   Christian Martyr (2019) (Promo)
1   Falling Away (Promo 2018)

Dual-Alignment Cards: 2

1   Fire Foxes
1   Delivered

Artifacts: 3

1   Book of the Covenant (PoC)
1   Endless Treasures
1   Hidden Treasures

Fortresses: 3

1   Noah's Ark (Ark of Salvation)
1   Storehouse (Promo)
1   Sheol

Heroes: 9

1   David, the Psalmist (CoW AB)
1   Ezekiel (FooF)
1   Samuel (CoW)
1   Elijah (PoC)
1   Elisha (PoC)
1   Jonah (PoC)
1   Malachi (PoC)
1   Moses, Friend of God
1   The Angel of the Winds (CoW AB)

Good Enhancements: 7

1   Faith
1   Offering Your Son
1   The Emmaus Road
1   The First Sacrifice
1   Gathered Together
1   Tested by Fire
1   Faith of Samuel (CoW AB)

Evil Characters: 7
1   Pagan Sailors
1   Aliens (LoC Crimson/Gold)
1   Mounted Forces
1   Nebuchadnezzar (TxP)
1   Nergalsharezer
1   The Babylonian Merchants
1   The Deceiver (RoJ AB)

Evil Enhancements: 5

1   Scattered
1   The Wages of Sin (FoM)
1   Betrayal (PoC)
1   Dream
1   Seized by Babylon

Reserve: 10

1   The Great Fish
1   Forest Fire (FooF)
1   Covenant with Abraham (PoC)
1   Eternal Covenant (CoW AB)
1   I am Creator
1   Flying Scroll (PoC)
1   Captured Ark (FoM)
1   Ahimelek the Hittite
1   "I AM" Has Sent Me
1   Belshazzar's Banquet

UPDATE: I made some swaps for LoC cards that I felt could make the deck a little more consistent. I'll leave the decklist above as the original and just list the changes here since there weren't too many. Check out the Redemption with Jayden video where I talk about the changes and try them out against CtheTree.

Deck out:
Son of God
David the Psalmist
Tested by Fire
Faith of Samuel

Deck in:
Chariot of Fire (PoC)
Isaiah, Prince of Prophets
David, Heart After God
Not Alone (RoJ)
Faith of Samuel

Reserve out:
Eternal Covenant
Ahimelek, the Hittite

Reserve in:
Oath of Purity
Perez, the Younger | Perez, Bursting Forth
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