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Official Rules & Errata / Re: Shoes of Peace
« Last post by TheJaylor on Today at 02:52:26 PM »
Also, Shoes of Peace from the F Deck, which has the ability you quoted, cannot be attached to a Hero in territory. Since it is not weapon class or territory class, then it can only be played in battle and then it is discarded when your last Hero leaves the battle. There is a new version of Shoes of Peace from The Persecuted Church set that is territory class and can be placed on a Hero in territory, but it's a soul-generating card.

Spoiler (hover to show)
Thanks for the update.  Too bad the rule was retired; doubling the enhancement numbers would make for some exciting battles.
ArmedKevin, let me know when you want to open the last gift for us to become "Best Friends," so we can activate a Lucky Egg.

Noah, I think I missed your post or forgot to log in and add you. I'll do that now.

NOTE: There is no requirement to exchange cards.  You can play either version as worded on the errata.  And no, the new version of Mayhem will not be a foil card.

Finally, it is best to wait until I announce the cards have shipped from the printer before you mail your cards to Cactus.

**EDIT** (by Gabe 9/2/2020)

Rob confirmed with me that he now has copies of Foolish Shepherd as a replacement card for Mourn and Weep in PoC.

Can you play Mourn and Weep as Foolish Shepherd because it is its replacement?  Or is it different than the others?
The rule is no longer in use, but it was called "Name-on-name bonus" and doubled the numbers on the Enhancement.
I remember when I first started playing Redemption CCG, there was a variant or optional rule.  If you played an enhancement with a hero's name in the title on that same hero, you got a bonus.  I don't remember what the bonus was, but I tried to build many a deck around that rule. David enhancements seemed the most prolific so I loaded up on David's various weapons, courage and other attributes.  It didn't win many games for me, but it was fun.  Is that rule still used?
Official Rules & Errata / Re: Card questions: Og, King of Bashan
« Last post by RedemptionAggie on Today at 10:43:22 AM »
1. Lost Souls are put in play whenever they would be moved from deck into a hand - usually draw, occasionally search or take. You only draw a replacement when the LS is drawn. Og is a "look and take", which is not a draw, so the LS remains on top of the deck.

2 & 3. X counts all brigades on good cards in battle, so Heroes and Enhancements. Brigades are not double counted, and rainbow is all 9 good brigades (blue, clay, gold, green, purple, red, silver, teal, white), so X is 9 if there is a good rainbow card in battle.
Official Rules & Errata / Re: Shoes of Peace
« Last post by SiLeNcEd_MaTrIx on Today at 08:01:13 AM »
Read card as "Opponent must discard an evil card from hand or [discard an evil card from] battle."
Official Rules & Errata / Shoes of Peace
« Last post by pinkfloyd on Today at 01:12:52 AM »
"Opponent must discard an evil card from hand or battle."  Does this mean he must discard from either his hand or "the field" of battle?  Or is it an ultimatum?  If I had a hero in my Territory with Shoes of Peace attached to it, and I presented that hero to rescue a Lost Soul, is the card saying the opponent must battle or toss a card from his hand into the discard pile?
Official Rules & Errata / Card questions: Og, King of Bashan
« Last post by pinkfloyd on Today at 01:09:27 AM »
1.  The first question touches on Lost Souls and when they must be placed in play.  Suppose Og gets to look at 2 cards since he is battling a red and a green hero.  The first is a Lost Soul and the second is an O.T. black card, which he gets to keep.  Does he have to play the Lost Soul and get another draw?  Or do you only play Lost Souls when you draw them in your draw phase?  Or is it something in between---is there an easy rule to remember regarding when you see a Lost Soul card (draw, look at, or whatever), whether or not you must put it in play or not?

2.  When Og is determining X, the number of good brigades in battle, does he only count the heroes' brigades, or the enhancements as well?

3.  Suppose Og is fighting two heroes--one is a red brigade hero and the other has one of those rainbow-colored that allows the hero to use any colored enhancement.  What is X---the number of different good brigades in the battle?
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