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Gabe:  Was my comments helpful?

IIRC, yes, but I didn't just read this thread. I did that a long time ago and my memory is much shorter than that.  ;)

My response was pertaining to Reth's posts yesterday and the timeliness of that reminder in relation to the new set development.

I will take the time to go back and re-read all of this soon.
Gabe:  Was my comments helpful? 
Really? Cool!  :D (Due to several recent experiences including our games yesterday this was just fresh out of my mind and heart.) Would be glad if I can contribute somehow and being helpful!

One particular topic which came up in our games yesterday and which already has been improved a lot during past years and sets is the card layout and easy recognition of relevant card attributes. One in particular was the really small writing of identifiers (well and of course the missing identifiers on older cards).
Maybe this can also be improved during next sets? Thinking of areas similar to those which can be seen on this card (the text directly below the card art resp. picture).

So as said: I can offer my help to improve and evolve Redemption or to contribute in any manner I can provide some use/benefit.
Thank you, Reth. This is helpful.
Ruling Questions / Re: Will artifacts reactivate each turn when active on characters?
« Last post by Reth on October 18, 2019, 01:21:28 AM »
Yes. Artifacts automatically reactivate if left active, no matter where they are located.
Ruling Questions / Will artifacts reactivate each turn when active on characters?
« Last post by Reth on October 17, 2019, 06:47:16 PM »
Hi everybody,

subject tries to say it all:

Do artifacts/curses automatically reactivate each turn like in normal artifact pile when they are active on characters? IMO this should be the case.

I already tried to search for it in forum since I know this has been answered already but search criteria combination seems to be limited resp. I do not know how to use forum's search in correct manner.

Thank you in advance for your response!

-- part 2

This non-flowing gameplay and the very hard learning curve makes it IMO hard for new players to get into the game and recognise the fun and heavy interactivity it provides! So the entire game experience seems to leave "just" the really hard and really interested players. All others either loose interest or fun sooner or later due to such kind of "bad playing experience" where they did not have enough fun within a for them reasonable amount of time (i.e. they would have to invest more time, energy and understanding in order to "work" towards the fun which they do not want).
Most of this is due to complex and often not easily to understand ruling and interactivity situation (like the example I tried to describe above - our ruling questions board is full of them getting new entries nearly daily - which is IMO quite a lot compared to the player base [well while in fact it also shows that Redemption takes place every day!  ;D :thumbup:]). So if we could somehow overcome this scenario and getting the game working more intuitive leading to a more seamless playing experience while still having the fascinating parts in this would be awesome! I know this is a really huge and big challange and I for myself do not have any clue how to get there ATM...
I also do not know how other TCGs are dealing with that topic. I know a little about the stack MtG is using which seems to be a pretty good way to deal with some of those topics.

These are just my thoughts and experiences I made by myself and when playing with friends having different backgrounds.

Luckily my colleague doesn't seem to get frustrated such quickly and we'll play some additional rounds. I am already looking forward to it.  ;D

I'd really love to see Redemption become playable more intuitivly or at least allowing for a more solvent and seamless gameplay while still keeping its fascination, interactivity and high versatility in every dimension it already has today! If I can contribute to this in some manner please let me know and I'll try to get me involved as much as time and energy allows!

Blessings to all of you and thanks again to everybody making Redemption and its development possible in past present and future!
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