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TitleDescriptionHitsRating Options
Three Lions GamingOwned by Ken Locklin (owner of Goodruby Christian Bookstore) (AZ)28900
Advent ShopOwned by Sarah Ryan & Teresita Calderon (NY).34721
Saraph GamesOwned by Keith Bartram (OH).34621
Gauntlet GamesOwned by John Michaliszyn (MA).33501
Ethereal Synergy Inc. Gaming DivisionOwned by Steve Kivelowitz (FL).55642
Your Turn GamesOwned by Derek Tirado (FL).199794
Land of RedemptionA community resource with the most accurate and up to date news in the game.216643
Covenant GamesChris Bany's website for Redemption and many Christian and family card games and board games!222703
Cactus Game DesignOfficial Website of Cactus Game Design, the creator of Redemption.255996
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