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Booster Draft deck (OH State tournament)
« on: July 14, 2019, 05:52:49 PM »
Keith Bartram generously allowed the 7 Booster participants at OH States to draft only "new cards" from packs.  It ended up looking like this:

Pack 1:  8 RoJ cards, 4 CoW cards
Pack 2:  15 FoM cards
Pack 3:  15 PoC phase 1 cards
Pack 4:  15 PoC phase 2 cards
Pack 5:  15 PoC phase 2 cards

Everyone drafted 68 cards.  2-player Booster games.  All 7 players drafted at one table. 

Cards in deck:  51

LS (7)
LS (no ability) x7

Support (1)
Unsuccessful (PoC)

Heroes (10)   
Elhanan (PoC) x2          
Meshach (PoC)                  
Abednego (PoC)                  
Angel of His Presence          
The Guardian Cherub          

GEs (9)
Righteous Judge                  
Chastisement of the Lord   
Gathered Together          
Eve’s Descendant (PoC)
Trumpet in Zion                  
Sword of the Lord (PoC)   
Vengeance of Eternal Fire   
Pillar of Salt                  

ECs (14)
The Fallen Star                  
The Haunting Spirits          
The Deceiver                  
King of Tyrus (PoC)          
High Priest Ananias          
Philistine Soothsayers          
Egyptian Army                  
Grain Tenders x2          
Pharaoh’s Servants          
The Lying Prophet          

EEs (10)
Blindness (PoC)                  
Wickedness of Jezebel   
Treachery of Jezebel (PoC)       
Scattered Sheep        
Summoned to Interpret x2   
Reclaimed by Egypt          
Hand Bondage (PoC)          
Turn to Egypt                  

Reserve (10)
Abednego (PoC)                  
Pillar of Salt
Triumphal Entry
Nebuchadnezzar (PoC)
Babylonian Siege Army
King Shalmaneser III (PoC)
King Eglon
Queen Vashti
Besieged (PoC)
Blindness (PoC)
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Re: Booster Draft deck (OH State tournament)
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2019, 05:53:32 PM »

Pack 1, Pick 1 was The Deceiver.  A fantastic first pick.  Early picks hurt, as there were so many good cards you were passing.  Plot to Kill was the card I wanted to wheel, but it didn't (not surprisingly).  Pack 1, Pick 2 was Outsiders (Black/Gold)

Pack 2, Pick 1 was King of Tyrus.

I ended up with a grindy offense and robust defense.  Goal was to be efficient and careful with my attacks and use Chastisement of the Lord for recursion (it recurs itself I discovered!) so I don't run out of gas.  Had autoblock ECs like KoT, Outsiders, Lying Prophet, plus The Deceiver to go find them, with negates to back them up.

Game 1:  Timeout loss (2-0) vs. Luke Marshall

A very frustrating game in which I took 5 turns.  The first 4 turns, there were exactly 0 LS available for me to rescue, so I made 1 attack all game.  Luke used several Star abilities in the first few turns, many of them topdecking cards from Reserve.  I think they only prolonged the drought by 1 turn though.

My defense, I'm pretty sure, had Luke locked out when time was called.  (He disagreed, but I guess we'll never know  ;) )  Luke admitted that his deck only had 8 heroes, most of which he drew.  He did have Captain of the Host (PoC), but I defeated Captain banded to The Guardian Cherub in a side battle by using Gathered Together.

Luke discarded KoT off the top of my deck with a Star ability too  :(

Game 2:  Win (5-0) vs. Mack Marshall

Got The Fallen Star in my opening hand.  Mack searched his Reserve for a card and TFS randomly underdecked the card he searched for.  Scattered Sheep's Star ability let me underdeck Ezekiel, the Vindicator from Mack's opening hand.  My grindy offense kept finding ways to win and the defense held up.  Mack's opening Josh the High Priest wasn't able to get a rescue due to lack of negates.

Game 3:  Tie (3-3) vs. Amanda Johnson

Got off to a fast start before Amanda drew a ton of negates in back to back draw steps and was able to push through my defense to get the tie.  I definitely should have blocked more aggressively with High Priest Ananias.  I'm pretty sure he would have gotten autoblocks simply by restricting Amanda from playing GEs.  Sooooo many GEs from PoC have 3 brigades.
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