Author Topic: 2022 Nats Booster 2nd place  (Read 111 times)

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2022 Nats Booster 2nd place
« on: August 02, 2022, 07:00:20 PM »
So I knew going in that I would have a good draft if either:

A. I draft a chase UR card
B. I draft one or more of the 'power' doms

If A, then at least I'd feel my price for admission was worth it as I had opened exactly 1 GoC pack before Nats and had close to 0 new cards (ironically, the only GoC pack I opened prior was at MN States draft and that had a His Sacrifice UR+). Besides, it's just exciting to open URs in general. 8)

But if B, then I actually had a shot of winning or placing. Fortunately, I was able to snag a Burial and a Harvest Time, so my chances were pretty great. After the draft, my deck looked like this:

LS: 7
Meek NT LS x5 (1 Legacy rare)

Doms: 2
Harvest Time

Support: 2
Crown of Thorns
Send the Helper

DAC: 3
The Forgiven Woman/The Shamed Woman (pretty much always an EC)
Deafening Spirit

Heroes: 13
James, Fisherman
Matthew x2
James, the Younger
Mary of Bethany
Mary the Restored
Joseph of Arimathea
Lazarus, the Called
Moses in Glory

GE: 9
Faith as a Mustard Seed
Walking on Water
Untouchable x2
Life in the Son
Spirit as a Dove
Stone Rolled Away
Lost Child Found
Hospitality in Bethany

EC: 7
Conspiring Herodians
Herod Agrippa II (Legacy Rare)
Herod Philip II
Herod's Guard
The Accumulator

EE: 7
Beheaded x2
Herod's Treachery
Massacre of Innocents
Futile Inquisition
Contagious Fear
Driven by Spirits

Reserve: 3
The Empty Tomb
Love One Another

I had a coherent offense and defense (after switching to evil gold when I figured out very early on orange wasn't going to do it). Send the Helper and Untouchable x2 were very very good. Mary of Bethany + Lazarus was a nifty package as well with Send the Helper to bounce Mary. I was also impressed with the Herods in general; quite solid provided you get to play your enhancements. Futile Inquisition + Contagious Fear are just guaranteed blocks, and Herodias recurring Beheaded and locking out Reserves is pretty nice. Overall, quite a good deck, just lacked a Bart or something other than the couple STAR abilities I had to pull out Souls (my one loss was unfortunately large part soul drought). Granted, that one game I lost would've been a very tough game even if I had souls to rescue all game; Josh P had a beefy defense and Herod's Temple puts work in.

I'm coming around to the 2p draft, even if doms tip the scales a little too much. The super pack drafts are just too fun. 8)
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