Author Topic: 2022 Booster Draft 1st Place  (Read 243 times)

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2022 Booster Draft 1st Place
« on: August 01, 2022, 04:56:09 PM »

Rey C. - 5/2 Win
Andy F. - 5/1 Win
Josh K. - 5/2 Win
Jared S. - 3/2 Timeout Win
Mac M. - 4/2 Timeout Win
Shon S. 5/0 Win

Decklist: 50

Heroes: 9
Shepherds of Bethlehem
Martha, the Diligent
Joanna, the Generous
Anna, the Widow
Zechariah, the Silent
Simon the Zealous
Legion of Angels
Guardians from Glory

Good Enhancements: 8
2x Magnificat
Hospitality in Bethany
Reassurance of Jesus
Nunc Dimittis
Convincing Miracle
An Angel Appears
Send the Helper

Evil Characters: 13
Conspiring Herodians
Herod's Executioner
Herod Philip II
2x Herod Antipas
2x Herod's Guard
Annas the Elder
Emphatic Incriminators
Temple Guard
Callous Conspirators
Fence Jumpers

Evil Enhancements: 6
Massacre of Innocents
Mask of Fear
Executioner's Sword
Herod's Treachery

Other: 8
Harvest Time
Herod's Temple
Temple Veil
Thirty Pieces of Silver

Lost Souls: 7
7x Meek O.T.

Reserve: 7
Stone Rolled Away
Futile Inquisition
Peter's Curse
Betraying Christ
Thievery of Judas
Hurling Insults


Wednesday night Tyler asked a ton of people what they planned to draft the next day and the common consensus seemed to be force white and hope the rest of your pod is distracted by the shiny new silver or familiar purple. I decided to try this out and it worked great; after picking basically nothing but white in the first few packs I was starting to get passed solid white cards and was able to start first picking brigadeless support cards while letting my offense wheel and being able to do so is what carried the deck. Once I got to top table pretty much every opponent had a Harvest Time, Burial, or both and since they potentially counter each other, forcing your opponent to use theirs so you can respond with yours rather than the other way around seems critical in this format. Herod's Temple was an all-star by keeping me safe from choose the blocker, making Massacre a one-sided board wipe, etc. Fence Jumpers was surprisingly useful despite being one of two crimson cards in maindeck. I had characters of every defensive brigade but orange so no matter what my Antipas' were stealing from the opponent's reserve I could probably play it eventually. Overall my offense wasn't particularly busted and several of my opponents had much more synergy going on, but having so much defense allowed me to keep games going long enough to force rescues through attrition.

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Re: 2022 Booster Draft 1st Place
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2022, 07:04:37 PM »
Very solid deck with a brutal defense. Congrats, my dude! 8)
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