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2019 Nats Type 2 Multi 2nd place
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Type 2 multiplayer 2019 nationals 2nd place
Steve Kamke
105 cards (25 Neutral, 40 Good, 40 Evil)

Lost souls=14
2x Awake (Eph 5:14)
Escape (2 Tim 2:26)
2x FBTN (Luke 19:10)
2x Wanderer (Eze 34:6)
2x Lawless (Heb 12:8)
Humble (James 4:6)
2x Prosperity (Deut 30:15)
1x Remnant
1x Distressed

Neutral utility=11
2x Ends of the Earth (new one)
3x Golden Cherubim
DON (New one)
3 woes
Kings Saul (new one)
2x Gamaliel’s speech

Good Dominants=6
Son of God (new one)
The Second coming
Harvest time
Grapes of wrath
Guardian of your souls (New one)
Angel of the Lord

2x Samuel (tins)
2x David the Shepard
2x Joshua son of nun
4x Angel under the oak
2x Captain of the hosts (Wa)
Ishmaiah the Gibeonite
2x Asahel
4x Mighty men

Good enhancements=7
Sword of the Spirit (new one)
2x A soldier’s prayer
2x Counsel of Abigail
2x Sword of the Lord (new one)

The throne of David
12 Gates
Wall of protection
Storehouse (new one)

2x You will remain
2x Covenant of prayer

Evil dominants=6
Christian martyr
Falling away (COW)
Vain philosophy

Evil characters=18
Naaman x3 (old one)
8x Sabbath breaker (regular and legacy rares)
Emperor Vitellius
Silly women
Philistine soothsayers
2x Amalekites slave

Evil enhancements=11
4x False peace (old school)
2x Momentum change
2x False dreams (new one)
Mourn and weep
Paying taxes

3x Captured ark
Fall of man


Phineas son of Eleazer (POC)
Ishmaiah the Gibeonite
The throne of David
Lost anointing
2x Foreign sword
Jehu’s sword
Foreign wives
Outsiders (black/gold)
Philistine soothsayers

So I haven’t played since 2015 nats TN and was rusty. It was fun to get back! The deck draws, searches, and bands (on offense) and it was fun to play. Phil soothsayers didn’t do much. I would take them out. Sabbath breakers died like flies to Jayden’s Covenant of adam. Jayden stormed through his deck and owned us (SHEOL….UUUUGH!!!). Best play I saw was John M attacks me. I block play false peace x4, Momentum change. Eric Largent Christian martyrs John’s hero. All my FP goes POOF. Great play! Somehow I pulled that one out though and got 2nd place in T2 multi!