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2019 Nats Type 1 Multi 1st place
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Type 1 Multiplayer 2019 Nationals  1st place
Steve Kamke
53 cards

Lost souls=8
Awake (Eph 5:14)
Lawless (Heb 12:8)
Prosperity (Deut 30:15)
Wanderer (Eze 34:6)
FBTN (Luke 19:10)

Needed the FBTN to knock out the punisher LS which messed up my throne offense. Maybe take out the distressed for the new LS that gets a good card from reserve (foreigner?).

Son of God (new one)
The Second Coming
Angel of the Lord
Guardian of your souls (new one)
Mayhem (Legacy rare)
3 woes
Christian martyr

Mayhem was very helpful. Pulled several off after my hand was small to generate LS and replenish my hand.

You will remain
Captured ark
Ends of the earth (new one)
Covenant of prayer
Golden cherubim
Storehouse (new one)
The throne of David
Fall of man
I am creator

Captured ark helped shuffle away troublesome hez signet rings. EOTE good LS generator. Gold cherubim-decked out 1 game because this was active. Fall of man-saved me on last LS rescues from doms. I am creator and Covenant of prayer were barely used. Could sub them out/reserve them for better cards (treacherous land?).

Samuel (tins)
David the shepherd
Joshua son of nun
Angel under the oak
Captain of the hosts (Warriors)
Ishmaiah the Gibeonite
Ahimelek the Hittite
Mighty men
Phineas son of Eleazer (new one)
King Jehu
King Saul (new one)

Throne offense drew and searched to thin the deck. Banding is hard to stop in multi and sometimes I just got rescues w/a few banded throne heroes. My other band was the red warriors, to Joshua, to Captain (Wa). That certainly was the most successful band and rescued the most lost souls. I had thought about using the new captain, but went old school instead to keep special abilities off. That proved to be a good decision.

Good enhancements=6
Sword of the Lord (new one)
Counsel of Abigail
Sword of the Spirit (new one)
A soldier’s prayer
Faith of David
Foreign sword

The weapons didn’t really do much because Cap negated them. Same w/faith of David. A soldier’s prayer was invaluable to grab enhancements just in case.

Evil characters=6
Sabbath breaker x2 (regular and legacy rare)
Emperor Vitellius
Amalekites slave

All EC’s were useful. Ammy’s Slave was clutch to get LS generated.

Evil enhancements=3
False Peace (old school)
Mourn and weep
False dreams (new one)

Mourn and weep. Wow, what a gamechanger. The 4 games I won, I played it on my opponents. The 1 game I lost, M&W was played on me, and I was unable to play it. That’s how powerful the card is. That game, I blocked w/my Sabbath “Draw and die” breaker. Played false peace…..I had already played SOG/TSC/GOYS…guess what I searched for? M&W. I was going to get back in the game w/that. Unfortunately, my FP was negated by a territory class card so I never resolved the M&W and that’s all, folks. 

Not alone
Battle cry
Jehu’s sword
Lost anointing
Tribal elder
Woman with child
Foreign wives
Naaman (old one)
Silly women
Outsiders (Black/gold)

Didn’t really use much out of reserve. Maybe woman w/child from remnant LS to get a dom. Otherwise, all quiet on the western front from the reserve. The reserve can definitely be improved.

I haven’t played the game since Nats in TN 2015? (Except I think I played an online game once). So I obviously was behind the curve. I learned “on the job” so to speak by playing T2 2 player (got killed), and did better at T2 multi (2nd).  Built this deck the night before T1 Multi. After playing T2 multi and doing well, I was more familiar with that deck so I tried to replicate it in T1 multi. And the deck still needs some work! (could cut: I am creator, Cove of prayer, sword o the Lord, sword of the Spirit and put them in reserve to get to 49, add treacherous lands to make it 50). The deck is very fast and I decked at least 2x. I made MANY mistakes and missed MANY triggers. I was shocked that I did so well. I went 4-1.   I can’t remember all the people and battles but it was very close and I could have lost many times over. Nonetheless, the Lord was merciful! All Glory be to God!  I had a ball and it was awesome to be at Nationals seeing my friends!  :)