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Howdy y'all,

Haven't been on here in roughly 6 or 7 years! I imagine very few people I knew from Redemption back then are still around, but I got an email from the forum and decided to pay a visit.

I see that there was once an active Hearthstone post in this forum, but it appears to be quite dead. I've been playing Hearthstone competitively for a bit now and would highly recommend people try it out if you haven't yet. The competitive scene is unfortunately in a horrible place, but smaller tournaments online via Battlefy or similar sites are extremely fun to participate in. Anyone else actively play Hearthstone from the good ol' Redemption community?

Welcome to the boards. Play Redemption online with Lackey CCG

Hearthstone is mathematically rigged ..


50% win rate speaks for itself. Designed to trigger you and steal your money. 10/10 scam game.

Gotta say I disagree with ya one that one.

Doesnít matter look at the most recent reviews itís a trash game and is rigged.

On top of that their Facebook has a completely fraudulent following. Millions of followers and little to no interaction. Itís a scam game.. Youíve been had. Accept the fact before you spend any more money or drag anyone else into it.

You're clearly very salty at the game for whatever reason, which is fine. But I would ask that you also respect the fact that I enjoy the game and will continue playing it consistently.

So unless you're going to add something less toxic, I would appreciate leaving the comments to people interested in the game :)


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