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I haven't seriously played since.... Frozen Throne? I think? I reinstalled it on my phone around the time of K&C and I've played the adventures since, but that's about it.

I have dabbled in it a decent bit but i just don't have enough people interested in it to play  ;D ;D ;D

Yeah I feel ya. I will say there are some pretty solid Hearthstone groups out there to find people to play, but it's not the same as IRL friends that play!


--- Quote from: Lawfuldog on September 10, 2019, 02:12:33 PM ---Howdy y'all,

Haven't been on here in roughly 6 or 7 years! I imagine very few people I knew from Redemption back then are still around, but I got an email from the forum and decided to pay a visit.

I see that there was once an active Hearthstone post in this forum, but it appears to be quite dead. I've been playing Hearthstone competitively for a bit now and would highly recommend people try it out if you haven't yet. The competitive scene is unfortunately in a horrible place, but smaller tournaments online via Battlefy or similar sites are extremely fun to participate in. Anyone else actively play Hearthstone from the good ol' Redemption community?

--- End quote ---

I remember you haha you loved gears of war. Anyway I thought about getting into hearthstone but then I was like nah. The only thing keeping me from hearthstone is the lack of  physical cards.... right now mtg arena is close enough. Plus blizzard is toxic in general.

Gears of War is definitely still awesome!

IMO, Blizzard gets a bad reputation because the internet is absurdly toxic in general. The Hearthstone community can be really awesome, but I can agree with the lack of physical cards being saddening :( I miss putting sleeves on decks, laying cards out, and playing a physical card game.


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