Author Topic: Priests and Demons (Primarily Teal and Orange)  (Read 528 times)

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Priests and Demons (Primarily Teal and Orange)
« on: July 21, 2018, 04:34:22 PM »
Total cards 63

I know for a fact that this deck needs work.  I currently do not have The Persecuted Church, The Fall of Man, The Early Church, Revelation of John or Cloud of Witnesses, will eventually get up to date but currently cannot.  Thank you in advance.

Want to keep 1/1 ratio of Good to Evil

Neutral x11
Good x26
Evil x26

Lost Soul x8
All of my special ability LS are used in a few of my other several decks

Lost Soul Sites x2

Artifacts x1
Bronze Laver

Dominants x2
Angel of the Lord (Deck H)
Son of God (Deck B) [My Deck J SoG is in a different deck]

Covenants x2
Covenant with Phinehas
Josiah's Covenant

Heroes x11
Aaron (Disciples 5)
Ahimelech, Priest at Nob
Ahimaaz (Priests)
Azariah the High Priest
Eli the Priest
Jehoida the High Priest
Jethro (Priests)
Phinehas, Son of Eleazar

Good Enhancements x11
Burning Incense
Burnt Offering
Covering the Sacred Things
Fellowship Offering
Grain Offering
Jehoida's Strength
Jordan Interrupted
Melchizedek's Blessing
Perpetual Priesthood
Zeal for the Lord

Evil Characters x10
Abijah, son of Samuel
Herod Agrippa I
King Evil-merodach
King Merodach-Baladan
Red Dragon
The Serpent

Evil Enhancements x16
Belshazzar's Banquet
Carried into Exile
Coliseum Lions
Covenant with Death
Deceit of Sapphira
Demonic Deception
Destructive Decay
Four Horns
Going to their Deaths
Isaac Deceived
Peter's Lie
Sarah's Jealousy
Swift Horses
Untested Sword
Vain Philosophy
The Wages of Sin