Author Topic: Help With An Abomb Control Deck  (Read 510 times)

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Help With An Abomb Control Deck
« on: February 04, 2019, 08:45:09 PM »
Hey everyone! I built a deck a while ago that I based on the Nats 2015 winner and tweaked it. However, I think it needs some help and I want to make sure it is viable.

DoN (Pa)

Lost Souls:
Female Only
TEC Lost Soul (Acts 16:22)
Site Doubler
Speed Bump

Shrine to Artemis
Darius' Decree
Samaritan Water Jar

Sites and Forts:
House in Bethany
Fortress of Antonia
Hostile Environment

Watchful Servant
The Generous Widow
The Woman at the Well
Good Samaritan
Seeker of the Lost
The Prodigal Returns
Convincing Miracle
Kindness (Di)
Plague of Locusts (FoM)
Meeting the Messiah
Hospitality of Martha (Di)
Fishers of Men (Ap)

Stoic Philosophers
Simon the Magician (TEC)
Epicurian Philosphers
The Goat with Horn
Hellenistic Jews
Anthiochus IV Epiphanes
The Priest of Zeus
Demetrius the Silversmith
Seized by Rioters
Pride of Simon
Joseph in Prison
Worldly Wisdom
Abomination of Desolation (of course)
Danites Attack
Heart of Depravity

The Fall of Man
Death of Unrighteous

I know I want to run Alexander the Great in this deck when that card comes out, but I think I may need to clean up some things and add a few cards to the reserve. What would you guys recommend?
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Re: Help With An Abomb Control Deck
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2019, 02:24:43 PM »
A few cards that should be either in deck or in Reserve (although I'm not seeing too much Reserve access):
The Winged Leopard (PoC)
Loaves and Fishes (I)
Gifts of the Magi
Kindness (EC), swap for Di one
The Deceiver + EC's in Reserve (i.e. Goliath, B/G Outsiders, etc.)
Christian Martyr (swap for DoN)
Wages of Sin (FoM), might be tough to get if you don't have one but if you can get one it's really great as it can help you get Abom faster.
Paying Taxes in Reserve, helps compensate for no DoN. Can be grabbed with Heart of Depravity or Wages if you get one.

Some cards you could take out for them:
  • Hostile Environment, the reason the Nats 2015 deck ran silver sites was because Stoic Philosophers would protect Arrest in Gethsemane (protects LS's from Angels and Doms) from discarding itself. Since you're not using Arrest it's not really necessary.
  • Hormah, it can be handy, especially with Site Doubler, but probably not worth it overall and it would be better to have LS's to get you to your defense faster if you have them (i.e. Lawless (CoW), Imitate (RoJ), etc.)
  • Danites Attack, could be sneaky to snag a City but probably not worth the slot
  • Fortress of Antonia, I'm pretty sure Antiochus is O.T. so Alexander would be your only N.T. warrior if I'm remembering his reference correctly
  • House in Bethany, I don't think I've ever used this card to much effect. I guess it could be good with all the splashed demons going around but that's probably something I would cut.

Some ideas for the Reserve, if you add Covenant of Prayer to the main deck you can have pretty much anything in there, but other ideas would be adding Faith to the main deck and Faith of Gideon, Samson, and/or Jephthah in Reserve. The Emmaus Road and any fitting Star cards for PoC wouldn't be a bad idea either.
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