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Bronze and Iron (Red/Persians)
« on: July 15, 2019, 07:00:33 PM »
This is the current build of this deck as it stands. I'm certain that there are ways to make the deck work better, but I don't entirely know where to go with it. I feel like the defense should be paired with white rather than red, but it's me. I want to run red.

Deck Size: 50

Lost Souls: 7

Dominants: 7
Son of God
Angel of the Lord
Valley of Dry Bones
The Second Coming
Three Woes
Falling Away (CoW)
Christian Martyr

Support: 7
Book of the Covenant
Urim and Thummim
The Great White Throne
Lion's Den
Treacherous Land
City of Refuge

Dual Alignment: 1
Eternal Judgment

Heroes: 9
Phinehas, Son of Eleazar (FoM)
Ahimaaz (FoM)
Caleb (FoM)
Captured Kinsman
Mighty Men
Ishmaiah the Gibeonite
Uriah the Hittite
Benaiah (FoM)

Good Enhancements: 6
Trumpet and Sword
Jordan Interrupted
Counsel of Abigail
Bravery of David
A Soldier's Prayer

Evil Characters: 9
Profane Daughters
King Xerxes
Queen Vashti
Persian Conquers
Persian Horseman
The Deceiver

Evil Enhancements: 4
Treachery of Jezebel
Haman's Boasting
Irrational Rage

Reserve: 10
I am Creator
You will Remain
Lacking Prophecy
Wasting Disease
Haman's Gallows
King Darius, the Mede
Reap the Whirlwind
Haman's Plot

Some things I know I need to add, but don't know what to change/cut: Lying Prophet and Necromancer. Both are incredibly powerful, and the lack of them in the deck right now is an oversight on my part. There's a consideration for Joshua and Captain (Either Fall of the older ones), but I A) don't know what to cut, and B) Adding Captain hurts Benaiah. I don't have a good way to get him from reserve (No access with Remnant, not running Covenant of Prayer, Gain, Foreigner, or Majestic Heavens), and I need the FBTN ability he gives. There's an argument to get drop him for Captain, but Benaiah's ability to remove horses and other dangerous weapons from people is so good.

Trumpet and Sword can probably go, as I have Hailstones and Bravery for CBN battlewinners with Uriah. I'm not sure what to replace it with. Part of me wants to replace it with David's Triumph, because more interrupts, but I'm not sure if that's worth it (What with only killing males with Profane Daughters and Vashti running around). That said, if I replace it with another Good Enhancement, Triumph is high on the list. Uriah is one of the best heroes in the deck, and half the games I struggled in were ones that he died because David was in play.

I'm also not convinced that Valley of Dry Bones is worth running over Shipwreck. Valley has massive impact gameplay wise, but it's also less likely to be useful, as I don't run a lot of captures, and a lot of games it sits dead in my hand. On the other hand, with Mighty Men (as well as Lying Prophet when I figure out how to add him), Storehouse is a problem for my own speed, and the ability to kill it is useful.