Author Topic: Territorial Class Characters (MOD: ANNOUNCED DEFINITION OF TC CHARACTER INSIDE)  (Read 552 times)

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This question has probably been asked a ton already, but...

If a territorial class character enters play, does his special ability go off while he's in the territory as well as in battle?
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Re: Territorial Class Characters
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When a TC Character is put in play his/her ability activates. It will continue to activate each turn it remains in play, and in the case of ongoing abilities will remain active until he/she is taken out of play or put into battle where upon they follow normal character rules. If they win the battle and return to territory they will activate again on the next turn.
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There was fine-tuning of the definition going on to make sure that there were no issues, but Rob has now given the following definition (which is being added to The Rulings Board Megapost):

Quote from: CactusRob
Territory Class characters have abilities that activate when placed in battle in the same way as all other characters.  The abilities also activate each time the character is placed in a territory.  Territory Class character abilities that are active outside of battle are active while the character remains in the territory.  This also means that their ability ends when they leave battle or territory.

Hopefully that adds some clarity to the use of TC characters, and when their abilities are active and are considered to be activated.
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If a character like Moses is discarded by Christian Martyr (or otherwise removed from play) in the preparation phase, will his territory class ability remain active until the subsequent battle phase?

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No. TC characters are treated normally in battle, but they have to be in territory to be active outside of battle.