Author Topic: Redemption questions , some regarding search abilities  (Read 263 times)

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Redemption questions , some regarding search abilities
« on: January 09, 2020, 07:29:56 PM »
Raamses SA Fortress: Each discard phase , you may hold an O.T Enhancement from Reserve here.

The Holy Spirit SA: When your N.T Hero enters battle , you may search deck or discard pile for a Fruit of the Spirit Enhancement.

Music Leader territory class SA: If an opponent uses a draw or search ability (except on a musician) , you may search deck or discard pile for up to 2 good cards that involve music.

Matthias SA: Search deck or discard pile for The Holy Spirit and play it.

Wonders Forgotten: Select up to four good cards from one player's discard pile and banish them. End the battle  Cannot be negated.

Golden Calf Worship  Unity Evil characters (O.T) While an O.T Idol is active , prevent opponent's good multi-brigade cards.

Asherah Pole SA:  During battle protect your evil O.T humans from good cards with "negated" in the special ability. Cannot be negated.
Overtaken Curse SA: If a Hero with "negated" in the special ability enters battle , your evil humans cannot be negated.

1. How does Raamses work exactly?  Once an O.T enhancement from reserve is in Raamses , can the player who controls Raamses take the enhancement to their hand during their prep phase?

2. If Matthias enters battle and searchs for The Holy Spirit and plays it in territory , can the player search for a Fruit of the Spirit enhancement?

3.  If a player decides to search upto zero cards from one player's discard pile , is this considered a search?

4. Example
   Player 1 is in a RA against Player 2.

Player 1 has Music leader in their territory.

Player 2 plays Wonders forgotten and selects 1 card to banish from Player 1's discard.

Since the battle phase has ended can Music leader still trigger it's search ability?

5. Are weapons considered played only when they activate their special ability?

6.  If a player with Golden Calf Worship has an O.T Idol active , and then the player controlling Golden Calf Worship puts down a N.T Evil character in their territory , does the prevent ability turn off? ( Since I am assuming unity always checks)

7.  Example
Hero is in a RA against an EC.
Hero plays a good enhancement that says " Discard an EC" and targets that last EC in battle with it

During special initiative , can the blocking EC play 2 enhancements that would  "interrupt the battle"  or does the EC only have 1 chance to stop the good enhancement with 1 evil enhancement?

8.  If the new Asherah pole is active and an opponent makes a rescue attempt with a hero that has "negated" in the special ability , does this mean all of opponent's O.T humans are protected from all good enhancements played by the hero that has "negated" in the special ability?

9. If Overtaken was discarded or underdecked , during the battle phase , does the special ability on the card last until the end of the battle phase , since the card itself is granting other cards Cannot be status to other cards?

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Re: Redemption questions , some regarding search abilities
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2020, 07:52:00 PM »
1. Exactly. If there's nothing specifically stating when a card with a hold is added or removed, it's prep phase.

2. No. Matthias' ability activates when he enters battle, so by the time Holy Spirit is put in play that's already come and gone.

3. It depends on if there's a "may". In the case of Wonders Forgotten, there's no "may" so the search is mandatory, meaning that it does count as a search for Music Leaders. ML does say "may" so your opponent gives you a trigger you can choose not to search, and no search ability is used.

4. Music Leader is still able to activate outside of battle phase, so yes he still gets the search.

5. Yes. Placing a weapon on a warrior in territory is not considered playing it.

6. Yes, unity is a constant check.

7. You only get one chance to interrupt the battle. Once you've used your special initiative against a single enhancement, it's gone. That said, some interrupts allow you to play another enhancement (the Horses weapons, Dream, etc) - you still get the play ability and, if you wish, can play another interrupt enhancement from that. What you can't do is play as many enhancements as you want as long as they interrupt - if, for example, you play something that says "interrupt the battle and capture a hero" and choose to capture a hero in their territory, once that resolves you DON'T get to play another interrupt.

8. Yes. Protecting from a character also protects from enhancements used by them.

9. It will still apply to any humans that entered battle while Overtaken was in play, but won't apply to anyone new.
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