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Primary Objective thought experiment
« on: April 25, 2019, 01:58:30 PM »
Primary Objective - If making a rescue attempt, discard hand (minimum 7 cards) and select a lost soul in opponent’s Land of Bondage. Opponent must discard hand or holder rescues that lost soul. Battle continues as a battle challenge.

Old wording?  Check
Ground-breaking ability at the time?  Check
Guardrails attempted to be built in?  Check

   3/3, seems breakable!

1. If I have less than 7 cards in hand, am I still forced to discard my hand?  Or am I unable?

2. Can I select a LS in opponent's LoB even if I didn't discard my hand, or if I discard less than 7 cards?  Sentence 1 appears to have 2 separate mandatory abilities (read:  Not a cost-benefit ability).  Seems like I should be able to select a LS even if I don't discard or if I discard less than 7.


3. BONUS QUESTION:  If I copy Primary Objective with Mimicking Miracles, obviously the "If rescuing" portion doesn't apply.  However, does the "Battle continues as a battle challenge" part apply?  It seems to be a separate ability that is not dependent on Sentences 1 and 2.
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Re: Primary Objective thought experiment
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2019, 02:18:15 PM »
Primary Objective has an actual errata (in the ORCID), which answers (or eliminates the need to answer) 1 and 2.

If making a rescue attempt and you have 7 or more cards in hand, discard your hand to rescue a Lost Soul in opponent’s Land of Bondage. Opponent may discard their hand instead. Continue the battle as a battle challenge.

For #3, I really want to say "battle continues as a battle challenge" is clarifying text, but if the opponent discards their hand no rule makes it a battle challenge (and Eternal Inheritance uses it). So it seems like that works.