Author Topic: Does an ongoing ability on a card in battle only remain for that battle?  (Read 124 times)


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Consider the following situation: I have You Will Remain active, and I make a rescue with the purple King Hezekiah who then bands to FooF Isaiah to protect purple kings from opponents.  My opponent then blocks with a gray evil character and plays the PoC Unsuccessful to end the battle as a stalemate.  If I use You Will Remain to then go out with another purple king, is the protect offered by Isaiah still active?

In case the exact wording of You Will Remain is needed, here it is: If opponent uses an "end the battle" ability this turn, you may begin a new battle.

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Abilities generally only last for the phase in which they are activated, and each battle is in a separate phase. So the protection would not still be active in the new battle.