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REG 8.3.0 Change Log
« on: March 06, 2023, 01:57:05 PM »
The latest version of the REG is now live! There's no ORDIR update at this time.

UPDATE - The REG is now live on Cactus' site, in addition to the Land of Redemption link above.

Rule Changes
Players can only play 1 territory class Enhancement in territory each turn
Discard Phase (pg. 101), Preparation Phase (pg. 123) and Territory Class Enhancement (pg. 130)
- The expected updates to implement the new restrictions on playing TC Enhancements in territory

Copying a card that names itself treats the copied ability as using "this card", so Necromancer can protect itself by copying any version of Foreign Wives
Targeting (pg. 14-15)
- New section on "Targeting Cards by Name and Self-Targeting"

Other Updates
General Updates
- Continued the ongoing effort to standardize the language within the REG. Notable corrections here include changing "draw pile" to "deck" and "holder" to "controller" (or whatever is actually the proper word).
- Updated language in some areas to reflect the difference between "the controller of a card" and "the player carrying out the effect" for future proofing abilities.

Abilities (pg. 8-10)
- Clarified that cards are revealed to prove the validity of a target
- Clarified that all players should know (or could know) that an ability is triggered.

Conditions (pg. 12)
- Clarified that "Each [phase]" is once per phase and "During [phase]" is repeatable during a phase.

Activate an Ability (pg. 25)
- Added a clarification that to negate the activated ability, you need to target it, not the activate an ability effect.

Convert (pg. 35)
- Added Pharisee, Sadducee and thief to identifiers that don't convert to good.
- Added disciple to identifiers that don't convert to evil.

Create a Token (pg. 39)
- Added that tokens are controlled by whoever controls the location where they are created.

Look (pg. 58)
- Removed the Special Conditions because it was redundant with the 4th bullet of How to Play.

Reveal (pg. 75)
- Added a clarification that you can't reveal to verify criteria for other abilities. This stops random reveals to trigger things like Jeshua.

Side Battle (pg. 79)
- Removed the Clarifications bullet about cascading a side battle, since there's no more cascade.

Banish Pile (pg. 93)
- Changed Banish Pile from "non-visible" to viewable like the discard pile

Control (pg. 99)
- Added that the player who controls the card is that card's controller.

Hand (pg. 115)
- Clarified that players have to reveal cards removed from hand if there are limitations on the targets

Playing Surface (pg. 123)
- Expanded the definition to say that the playing surface includes everything but the hands and "piles" (deck, discard pile, Reserve, etc.)

Put (in a Location or Site) (pg. 125)
- New definition

Territory Class Character and Territory Class Enhancement (pg. 129-130)
- Entries reworked to parallel the Weapon and Warrior entries, for better flow
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