Author Topic: REG 8.2.0 and ORDIR 4.1.0 Change Log  (Read 1892 times)

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REG 8.2.0 and ORDIR 4.1.0 Change Log
« on: September 02, 2022, 01:59:18 PM »
The latest versions of the REG and ORDIR are now live!

Implemented Rule Changes
Banned Cards (pg. 5)
- Added Daniel (CoW), Endless Treasures (draw ability) and Ephesian Widow

Toss (pg. 84)
- Toss is no longer "regardless of protect abilities"
- Other updates to reflect how toss is used/played, and how protect/negate interact with toss

Brigade (pg. 96) and Dual Icon (pg. 102)
- Updates to codify the Matthew/Life Through Christ rule change, that dual icon cards are targeted by 1 identity

New Glossary Entries
Has (or Have) (pg. 114)
Phase (pg. 121)
Version (pg. 132)

Other REG Updates
Conditional Phrases and Ability Classes (pg. 12)
- Game rules triggered by abilities are considered to be part of that ability for the purpose of checking triggers. This means forced draws like Mayhem trigger "if put in play by an opponent" Lost Souls.

Targeting (pg. 14-16)
- Reformatted to clarify referencing vs. targeting and modifier targeting.

Bounce (pg. 30)
- Following cards bounced to a hand at hand limit go different places depending on the card type

Capture (pg. 32)
- A location has to exist to capture to it. Primarily for unoccupied Sites.

Exchange (pg. 45)
- Clarified the meaning of "exchange 2 Lost Souls"

Interrupt (pg. 56)
- Clarified that all interrupts, not just ITB, don't update targets if interrupted and they reactivate.

Look (pg. 57) and Reveal (pg. 74)
- Added that the paired effects activate in the order written.

Negate (pg. 58)
- Clarified that negates target simultaneously/backward, so any card movement is undone in reverse order. This means negating something like Micah returns all 6 cards to the top of deck.

Set-Aside (pg. 76)
- Clarified that abilities are not active in set-aside unless specifically played or held there

Discard Pile (pg. 101)
- Added that the discard pile must be 1 pile (no fanning)

Duplicate Card (pg. 103-107) & Generic Card (pg. 110-112)
- Added GoC Phase 2 characters and Nicodemus, where applicable

Initiative (pg. 116)
- Clarified that initiative only passes on cards played in battle

Permanent Control (pg. 121) and Temporary Control (pg. 129)
- Permanent Control applies to all cards you control but don't temporarily control on the playing surface, including set-aside and LoR
- Players can only have Temporary Control in battle

Redeemed Soul (pg. 124)
- Redeemed Souls do not have brigades or identifiers

Special Initiative (pg. 127)
- Reworked the definition to reduce confusion over using Polycarp during SI

Toughness (pg. 130)
- Added that a toughness of 0 or less results in a discard, so an X value of 0 for a character's toughness results in a discard.

ORDIR Updates

Added GoC Phase 2 cards
Added Nicodemus Promo

Changes beyond standard set additions:
Empty Tomb Hero - added referencing cards
Involves Music - added King's Daughter and Warrior in Training, due to Psalm reference
Nativity Card - added referencing cards
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Re: REG 8.2.0 and ORDIR 4.1.0 Change Log
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2022, 12:01:22 AM »
Thank you for this update summary, it was very helpful!