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Dominant Identifier Idea
« on: August 15, 2019, 04:04:02 PM »
Could we add "identifiers" to dominants for the purpose of deck restriction?

For example:
The Second Coming would gain identifier, "Eternal Kingdom."
New Jerusalem would gain identifier, "Eternal Kingdom."
Son of God would gain, "Second Member of the Trinity."
Fiery Chariots would gain, "Second Member of the Trinity."

So, for deck construction, you could not have two dominants with the same identifier (in addition to other deck building restrictions). So, I look at Son of God and Fiery Chariots and go, "Oh! I can only have one of these two in my deck!"

It does what we currently have, but allows for new dominants under design to be quickly identified by deck builders (now we can make Millennial kingdom "Eternal Kingdom", or Empty Tomb "Second Member of the Trinity", Coming King "Second Member of the Trinity", Etc etc etc.)

AND judges who are checking decks.
(Hey, Timmy and Johnny, I see your team decks both have an "Eternal Kingdom" dominant, you need to fix that before your decks are legal. Thanks.)

It allows players to connect narrative more easily.

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