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Smittyseveneyes trading post
« on: August 30, 2022, 10:16:05 PM »
Come one come all to see the trading place of smittyseveneyes. Have more cards I am going through. Also have a lot of scrolls cards. If you are interested in scrolls cards DM me and I can see if I have them.


GOC phase 2

GOC phase 1
Angel Party

Marriage covenant
Forbidden marriage
Worship of Edom
The Throne of David
Zerrubbabel's Temple
Amaziah, the Just/Amaziah, the Arrogant
Speak Favorably
David, Outcast's Refuge/ David, the Anointed
Eliud, the Revolutionary/ Eliud, the Pious
Zechariah, Son of Jehoiada
Joseph, the Righteous/ Joseph, the Carpenter
Jehoiada, King Maker
Ruth, the Redeemed/ Ruth, the Uplifted
Abraham's Descendant
Builder's Spear
David's Descendant
David's Proclamation
Feast of Unleavened Bread
Plague of Flies
Army of a Million Men
Ahaz, the Unfaithful
Conspiring Servants
Rehoboam, the Divider
The King of Edom
Zerah, the Ethiopian
Ambushed Moabites
Captain of the Chariots
The Rab-saris
Bringing Grief
Solomon's Oppression

Daniel's Prayer
Christian Martyr
Angel of the Lord 2020
Falling Away

Legacy Rare
Obedience of Noah
Death of Unrighteous
Egyptian Magicians
Balaam's Disobedience
Capturing Canaan
The Amalekite's Slave
Captured Ark
Lost Soul Punisher
Lost soul Wanderer
Esau, the Hunter
Stone Pillar of Bethel
Stalks of Flax
David's Triumph
Counsel of Abigail
Gold Shield
Jehoiada's Strength
Invoking Terror

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Re: Smittyseveneyes trading post
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2022, 11:37:29 PM »

GOC phase 2
Star of Bethlehem
Bethlehem stable
Lost soul "Defiled"
The forgiven woman/ The shamed women
Reprimand/Repercussion 2
Zechariah the silent 4
Simeon the devout 2
Moses in glory
Anna the widow
The child is born
Convincing miracles
Flight into Egypt
An angel appears 2
Baptism of Jesus
Andrew first called/ Andrew, Fisher of men 3
The ministering spirit 2
Guardians from glory 2
Angel of the harvest
The messianic messenger 2
The comforting cherubs
Gathering angels
Wheat and tares 3
Joseph, the betrothed
Mary, the restored/ Mary Magdalene
Elizabeth 2
Martha, the diligent/ Martha of Bethany 2
Joseph of Arimathea/ Joseph the courageous
The magi 2
Magnificat 2
No need for spices 2
Emptying tombs
Lost child found
Suicidal swine stampede
Betraying Christ
Plunderers 2
Temple thieves
Fence jumpers
Foolish builders
The mocking thief
Left for dead 3
Stolen seed 2
Herod Agrippa I 2
Herod Phillip II
Herod Antipas 2
Herodians 2
Executioner's sword
Contagious fear
Dance of death 2
Deafening spirit
Strong demon
Destroying spirit 2
The accumulator
Snaring spirit 2
Evil spawn 2
The sordid spirit
Possessing spirit 2
Driven by spirits
Evil armor
Two possessed
Sin and Blasphemy
Destructive sin

GOC phase 1

Voice from Heaven
Concealed Riches
Temple veil
Peter's curse 2
Sychar 4
Fishing boat
The centurion at Capernaum
The Prodigal Son
Ten Virgins 2
Lost Sheep/Good Shepherd
Faithful Servant
Elijah in Glory 2
The Lord's Prayer 2
Plague of Hail 2
Expelled From Heaven 2
Love One Another
The Great Commission
Redemption 3
Spirit as a Dove
The Ascension
Citizens of Sychar 2
The Persistent Widow 2
The Thankful Leper
Amazing Faith 3
Talitha Kum! 2
Meeting the Messiah 2
Teaching in Parables
Phillip of Bethsaida 2
James, the Younger
Thaddaeus 2
Matthias 2
I Am He 3
Faith as a Mustard Seed 2
Walking on Water 2
Jesus Appears
Supercilious Scribes
Crucify! Crucify! 2
Demanding Miracles 2
Just a Hireling 2
Withered Seed
Gathering the Sanhedrin 2
Emphatic Incriminators
Caiaphas the Conspirator 3
Insincere Inquisitors 2
Captain of the Guard 2
Temple Guard
The Gate Keeper Maid
Malchus 2
Temple Guard Spears 2
False Accusations 2
Questioning Christ
Callous Conspirators 2
The Obstinate Pharisee
The Expert Lawyer 2
Proud Pharisee
Repudiating Rulers 2
Doom Speakers 2
Simon the Host 2
Disciples of the Pharisee 2
Fear of Man 3
Strict Sabbath

Window of Narrow Light 2
Oath of Purity
All the Curses
Assyrian Affliction
LS Oppressed
LS Accusers 2
LS Meek (Proverbs 21:16) 2
Assyrian Camp
Moabite Camp
Abijah, the Conqueror
Joash, Child King
Wild Ox
Brothers Reunited
Ezra, Favored by God 2
Jehoshaphat, the Seeker
Jeshua, the Restorer
Josiah, the Restorer
Rahab, the Defender
Enosh, the Worshiper
Hezron, the Enclosed
Kenan, the Aquirer
Nahor, the Scorched
Rebekah, the Bride
Tamar, the Widow
Terah, the Delayed
Shealtiel, the Heir
Boaz, the Redeemer
Boaz' Foreman
Boaz Reapers
Root of Jesse
Feast of Atonement
Israel's Bow
Plague of Lice 3
Ruth's Vow
Temple Spears and Shields 2
Harvest Season 3
Shared Meal
Aliens (Brown/Gray)
Aliens (Crimson/Evil Gold) 2
Basemath 2
Beasts of the Earth 3
Haded, the Exiled 2
Matten, Priest of Baal
Servants of Achish 3
Amon, the Forsaken
Athaliah, Usurper Queen
Jehoiakim, Puppet King
Queen Maacah
Charioteers of Seir 2
King Hazael
Moabite Messenger 2
Assyrian Officer
The Rabshakeh
Foreign Spears 2
Worship of Nisroch
Goliath's Armor
Edomite Rebellion
Call Me "Mara"
Hooked and Shackled

Noah's Ark ( Ark of Salvation)
The Three Visitors 2
Offering Your Son
Joseph, the Dreamer
Plague of Blood
The Destroyer
Passover 2
Death of the Firstborn
Manna 2
The Coming Prophet 2
Jordan Interrupts 3
Deborah 2
Kinsman Redeemer
Prince Jonathan
Treachery of Jezebel
The Shunammite Woman
Haman's Boasting
The Prophetess
Capture and Seize 2
Redeeming Branch 3
Righteous Judge
Men of Moab
Plunder and Pillage
Persian Horsemen 2
Sword of the Lord 2
The Suffering Servant 3
Bearing our Sin 2
The Angel of his Presence 3
Fountain of Living Water
False Dreams
Lost Soul Exiles
Profane Daughters
Mounted Forces
Conjurers 3
Abed Nego
Fiery Furnace
Belchazzar's Mother 2
The Bear 2
The Coming Prince
Hosea 2
Gathered Together
Out of Egypt
Obadiah 2
Sign of Jonah 2
Ninevites 2
Out of Bethlehem
Assyrian Invaders 2
Nahum 2
Habakkuk 2
Haggai 2
Spirit of Elijah

I will update this with more haves and wants this weekend but this is a start. DM me on here or discord if your interested. I will respond quicker on discord
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Re: Smittyseveneyes trading post
« Reply #2 on: August 26, 2023, 12:58:20 AM »
Pontius Pilate

Lost Soul Hooper


Legacy Rares
Live Coal
Daniel, the Apocalyptist
Joshua the High Priest 2
Abraham's Servant to Ur
The Gates of Hell
The entrapping Pharisee
Roman Destroys Jerusalem 1
He is Risen
Reach of Desperation
Pharisee 2
Wandering Spirit 2
Lost Soul Shut Door
My Lord My God
Herod Agrippa II
Mask of Fear
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Re: Smittyseveneyes trading post
« Reply #3 on: March 08, 2024, 12:16:37 AM »
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Re: Smittyseveneyes trading post
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