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Smittyseveneyes trading post
« on: August 30, 2022, 10:16:05 PM »
Come one come all to see the trading place of smittyseveneyes


GOC phase 2
Star of Bethlehem 2
Four-Drachma coin 2
Bethlehem stable
Lost soul "Defiled"
The forgiven woman/ The shamed women
Reprimand/Repercussion 2
Zechariah the silent 4
Simeon the devout 2
Moses in glory
Anna the widow
The child is born 2
Convincing miracles 2
Flight into Egypt
An angel appears 2
Baptism of Jesus 2
Angel party
Simon Peter/ Peter the rock 2
Andrew first called/ Andrew, Fisher of men 3
James the fisherman/ James, son of thunder 2
Legion of angels
Magnifying Multitude
The heavenly host
The ministering spirit 2
Guardians from glory 2
Angel of the harvest
The messianic messenger 3
The comforting cherubs
Burning up the chaff
Gathering angels
Wheat and tares 3
Joseph, the betrothed
Mary of Bethany/ Mary, the attentive
Mary, the restored/ Mary Magdalene
Elizabeth 2
Martha, the diligent/ Martha of Bethany
Joseph of Arimathea/ Joseph the courageous
The magi 2
Magnificat 3
No need for spices 2
Emptying tombs
Lost child found
Suicidal swine stampede
Afflicting spirit
Betraying Christ 2
Plunderers 2
Temple thieves
Fence jumpers
Foolish builders
The mocking thief
Left for dead 3
Stolen seed 2
Herod the great
Herod Agrippa I 2
Herod Phillip II
Herod Antipas 2
Herodians 2
Abusive soldiers
Executioner's sword
Contagious fear
Dance of death 2
Herod's treachery
Deafening spirit
Strong demon
Destroying spirit 2
The accumulator
Snaring spirit 2
Evil spawn 2
The sordid spirit
Possessing spirit 2
Driven by spirits
Evil armor
Two possessed
Destructive sin

Hopper lost soul LR
John the forerunner
Gabriel, mouth of god
Emperor Nero Promo
Death of Unrighteousness LR
Golden calf

I will update this with more haves and wants this weekend but this is a start. DM me on here or discord if your interested. I will respond quicker on discord
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