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Selling My Collection
« on: May 26, 2020, 06:36:29 PM »
I used to actively play Redemption probably around 2010-2012.  Through those years I have built up a collection of around 3,000 cards (I am bad at estimating so that number may be off).  I have my notable cards listed below.  I am not sure how much any of these cards are worth anymore so make an offer.  Cards are in great condition unless otherwise specified.

Email or PM me with offers.  Email will probably get the fastest responses:

Gates of Jerusalem
Book of the Covenant
Daniel (Moderately Damaged)
Thorn in the Flesh
A Child is Born x2
Authority of Christ x2
King David
Frog Demons x2
Shoes of Peace (Origins)
Obedience of Noah (Scrye) (Off-Centered)
Plague of Flies
Lost Soul
Chastisement of the Lord
Ordained as a Disciple x2
Nicandor x3
Split Altar
Priest of Christ (Slightly Damaged)
Walking on Water
Marry's Prophetic Act
Captured Ark
Emperor Augustus

Lost Soul (2 Line)
I have a lot of Limited cards, but I know most of them are useless and not worth mentioning here.

D Set
Swift Horses

E Set
Son of God (Greek)

Complete Set (including those listed below)
Falling Away
Lost Soul (Jer. 7:18)

Almost a complete set (including those listed below)
Harvest Time
Chariot of Fire
Ark of the Covenant
Crown of Thorns
Holy Grail
The Strong Angel (slightly Damaged)
King of Tyrus
Death & Hades x2

Guardian of Your Souls x2
Thirty Pieces of Silver
Three Nails x2
Household Idols x3
Burial Shroud x4
Unholy Writ x2
Wall of Protection x2
Saul/Paul x2
Satan's Folly x2
Pierced Heart x2
Casting Lots x2
Emperor Nero x2
Angry Mob x2
Great Mourning x2
Crucify Him

Abram/Abraham x2
A New Beginning
Destruction of Nehushtan x2
Siegeworks x2
Battering Ram x2
Haman's Plot x2

Lost Soul (II Chr 28:13)
Lost Soul (II Chr 15:4)
Lost Soul (Ps 1:4)
Lost Soul (Ez 31:14)
Breastplate of Righteousness

Angle Wars
Lost Soul (Romans 3:23)
Lost Soul (Matt 19:26)
The Darkness

G/H Set
1 Complete G Set
2 Complete H Sets
1 Original G/H Starter Pack Box

Altar of Burnt Offering x2
Lost Soul (Ezekiel 34:6) x3
Lampstand of the Sanctuary
Lost Soul (Matthew 19:23)
The Sabbath
Trumpet Blast
Prince of this World
Prince of the Air

Faith of Our Fathers
Complete Set 3
Complete Set 20
Complete Set 21
Complete Set 22
Trembling Demon
Swift Horses
The Twelve-Fingered Giant
Philistine Armor Bearer
Bringing Fear
Namaan's Charriot and Horses
Reuben's Torn Clothes

Rock of Ages
Complete Set 12
Complete Set 13
Complete Set 14
Complete Set 17
Complete Set 23
The Throne of David
The Terrifying Beast
Emperor Vitellius
Romans Destroyed Jerusalem
Just a Hireling

Complete Set (including those listed below)
Grapes of Wrath
Mayhem (foil) x2

King Manasseh
Simon the Zealot
Passover Hymn
Tennants Kill the Son
Caesarea Philippi
Lost Soul (Luke 19:10) x2
Lost Soul (Luke 16:20-21)
Herod's Temple
The New Covenant
Abraham's Descendant
James, Son of Alphaeus
My Lord and My God
Mary Magdalene
Birth Foretold
Herod Philip II
Beheaded x2

Unknown Sets
New Jerusalem (No Symbol in bottom left)
Angel of the Lord (Greek) (UR Gold Boarder) (Symbol for the Greek letter Phi in the bottom left)

17 or so UPCs (open booster packs) including a few light blue (Originals maybe?) and one Women's
150 shiny green card sleeves
1 Green Rook Steel Storage deck holder with plastic window (Decent Condition)
2 Red Rook Steel Storage deck holders with plastic window (Decent Condition)

I have plenty more cards in each of the sets I listed.  I only listed the more notable cards but I may have missed a couple good cards, so PM me if there is a certain card you are looking for that you think I may have.  I am also open to taking offers for my entire collection.
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