Author Topic: 2019 National Selling Thread  (Read 289 times)

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2019 National Selling Thread
« on: January 21, 2019, 12:10:20 PM »
So if you haven't seen this post please check it out because it will explain everything you need to know about this thread and what I'm trying to accomplish.  Listed below are the sets I either currently have or are willing to open packs/boxes to build/finish the set to sell it.  I am going to be listing the TLG prices (listed here) beside each thing that is for sale but I would be willing to take less than that for most of the items listed.  Please keep in mind that the larger the discount you are asking for the less this helps the end goal.

Sets for sale:

A&B/Limited/Unlimited Set:  $65   (Includes every card listed here under the Original set.  Does mix Limited & Unlimited printings.)
Prophets:  $25
Women:  $35
Warriors:  $130
C/D Starter Decks:  $40 (Includes 51 cards from each deck [so includes both Sword of the Spirits and Goshen/Kingdoms] as well as both prints of Mary.  Does mix Limited and Unlimited printings.)
Apostles:  $65
Patriarchs:  $60
Kings:  $150
E/F Starter Decks:  $30
Angel Wars:  $95
Priests:  $150
Faith of our Fathers:  $88
Rock of Ages:  $94
TxP:  $85
Disciples:  $80
Early Church:  $300
Persecuted Church:  $216
Cloud of Witness:  $475
Revelation of John:  $485
Fall of Man:  $385
Legacy Rares:  $104
Prophecies of Christ (Phase 1):  $325
Promos:  $800   (Includes every card listed here under promo except 'year winner promos and blank on both sides, but does include Bethlehem.)

Non-Complete Set items:

AB Second Coming:  $175
AB Three Woes:  $120
AB Shipwreck:  $100
Prophecies of Christ common Set:  $92
Women (Missing Falling Away):  $20
TxP (Missing Grapes & Mayhem):  $40

Unless we hit the mark before Prophecies of Christ phase two releases I will be pre-selling that when the time comes