Author Topic: What does set rotation mean exactly?  (Read 4551 times)

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Re: What does set rotation mean exactly?
« Reply #25 on: May 20, 2021, 10:16:51 AM »
Also to add or rephrase some thoughts mentioned:

Dont think of a "rotating set" as a card/deck killer. It's secretly a different playstyle/format. Many games (CCGS, boards games, video games, etc) do this to present more options to player to increase "playability."
So currently, in constructed, Redemption has (this is to serve as a simple example to show more options and not an official comment on how it would exactly be done or the specific limits)
Type 1 - single - ALL sets
Type 1 - multi - ALL sets
Type 2 -single - ALL sets
Type 2 - multi - ALL sets

after introducing a set rotation, here is a projected view:
Type 1 - single - ALL sets
Type 1 - single - rotation
Type 1 - multi - ALL sets
Type 1 -multi - rotation
Type 2 -single - ALL sets
Type 2 -single -rotation
Type 2 - multi - ALL sets
Type 2 multi - rotation

Casual games can decided which format they want, tournament hosts can choose which format best serves their communities.

As a CCG-collector who has sold enough cards to buy a house and fund my neices and nephews college bills: rotations, when done correctly, are amazing for CCGS. They increase creativity, they decrease barriers of entry for new players (because they can choose a "smaller" format until they build their collection), they allow cards to have a "deeper" value set (because some cards that may be terrible in one format may be super stars in another), perhaps the best part: it allows the developers more room to create cards, and finally, all of this happens without sacrificing anything to the current game. For those who want to continue to play with all the sets, you still can!

In whichever route the leadership takes, a big thank you for all your work and effort you do for the community! Much respect and love to you guys. I'm a busy guy, but am always happy to help in any way I can! And I would like to add that I am confident in however they decided to pilot this choice, it will be with us in mind and they have my support!
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