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Because of two threads I've seen lately, I want to make something clear here.

This is the PRAYER forum. It is not the "inquire about 7829285 things before I actually go to God about your request" forum. You don't need to argue with people in this thread. If you really want to know more detail, either stop being nosy or PM the person... that's why we have this function. Some people don't really want to air their "dirty laundry" for all the world to see (not saying that it is all bad, but it's the closest I can get)

I've seen a lot of petty fights lately... in this world of instant communication, can we all just use our heads and THINK before you post? Thank you.

Colin Michael:
Amen to that.

Double, Double Amen to that... ::)

I agree. I'm sorry as I participated in one of those.

me to sorry


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