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Prof Underwood:
I appreciate the desire the keep the Prayer part of the forum free from disagreements and controversy.  However, I think that there sometimes when it is necessary to respond to certain requests given in the prayer forum.

For instance, imagine a person asks for prayer for Bob (who is also on the forum) because Bob is a total loser who can't get a date.  This person would be using the Prayer Forum to basically insult someone needlessly.  Someone should respond to that thread by letting that person know that sort of thing is inappropriate.

Similarly, if Suzie asks for prayer for their parents to accept that she and her boyfriend are sleeping together, then someone should respond that God does not approve of that sort of thing, and that we shouldn't pray for things that are against His will.

Similarly, if Joe asks for prayer and in the story gives some details of certain lifestyle choices that are not healthy for our younger and more impressionable members of the forum, I think someone should point that out.  Silence is assumed consent.  And I don't want to be silent and allow other forum members to be led astray.

These are just three examples, but I think you get the idea.  I wish there would never be controversy on the Prayer Forum, or anywhere else for that matter.  But there are times when we have to remember Matt 10:34


I have initially and respectfully split and moved a healthy topic discussion that has stemmed from a Prayer Forum topic.  This is to allow more prayer-concentrated responses than anything else.  I pray it turns out to be a good compromise amongst all.  Please correct me if I'm wrong by sending me a PM.


Prof, I do agree, but I'm more referring to those that cause debate (evolution thread, spiritual weirdness thread) instead of where we call people out. You and i have both called people out before and said that, instead, we were going to pray for God's will and that was it.


"call people out" = bad connotation


Sorry for my part in the other thread. I did realize shortly afterwords that the Prayer thread was not the best place for that.

--- Quote from: Sean on February 01, 2009, 09:55:53 AM ---"call people out" = bad connotation

--- End quote ---
And meant that way. Long story short, don't mess with The Marti.  ;)


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