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Coney Revelations
« on: December 16, 2019, 03:14:22 PM »
Cunninghame is the northern part of Ayrshire. Traditionally, in 1059, King Malcolm rewarded Malcolm, son of Friskin with the Thanedom of Cunninghame. The name is therefore of territorial origin and it likely derives from coineanach, a "coney", which means rabbit and the Saxon ham which means village.[2] A former capital of Scotland, Irvine, was the capital of Cunninghame, which was a royal burgh. The family crest includes the unicorn, which is restricted to the Crown of Scotland and Great Britain, and Clans Cunningham, Oliphant, and Ramsay. The two rabbits (coneys proper) found on the crest of the Earls of Glencairn are a visual pun for a "koenig", or king. Cunningham means "King's Home."

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Re: Coney Revelations
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You are a king bro for sure.   :)
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Re: Coney Revelations
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I read King’s Home as Christ’s 😇😇

I love that deck so much.. what a testimony

All of the fruit of the spirit all of the armor of God Christ’s triumph eternal inheritance.. so beautiful

Thank you Lord 🙏🏻👑🙏🏻

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Re: Coney Revelations
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I loved it too! I didn't mind the challenge .
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