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Random card special ability ideas by RC777
« on: April 18, 2016, 02:06:01 PM »
Have a list of random card special ability ideas that maybe parts of them could be used in the upcoming card set or any other future cards:

Evil character ideas:

EC if blocking , if opponent has used a draw or search ability , then this EC may band to any EC regardless of protection. CBI

Evil enhancement ideas:

If there are 3 or more Evil characters in battle when you play this card , you may topdeck two Lost Souls in your territory to withdraw all
Evil characters in battle.
EE: Shuffle upto two heroes in battle into owner's deck. CBN if a good prophet is in battle. 
Territory class EE: you may shuffle 2 Evil characters in your territory to decrease a hero in play by 6/7.
  Withdraw a hero. Hero's controller may reveal 2 good enhancements from their hand instead.

territory class enhancement: Place in your territory: If an opponent would use a draw or search ability on a hero or good enhancement , you may set a side a hero in that opponent's territory for 2 turns.

Hero card ideas:

 Hero : Negate all draw and search abilities until end of turn.

Hero:  Protect all characters in battle from withdraw , return and underdeck abilities this battle CBI

Good enhancement ideas:

Territory class GE : Place in your territory: Restrict players from playing any enhancement card that would "End the Battle"
Territory class GE:Place in your territory:  If an opponent would discard your hero by a special ability (expect by a dominant) , you may discard that EC instead. Maybe used twice per game.

Territory class GE : Reveal the top 5 cards of deck , if any of them are an artifact or a site card you may add one of them to hand and underdeck the rest.

Not sure if any of these abilities would be too strong or could be improved.

any thoughts on these?