Author Topic: Assorted Reprints  (Read 473 times)

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Assorted Reprints
« on: July 18, 2016, 11:33:13 AM »
It's about time referred-to cards get playable!

Pharaoh's Dungeon
Purple Site
"While blocking with a Pharaoh, Potiphar or Poriphar's Wife and this site is unoccupied, you may capture a rescuing Human with 2 toughness or less regardless of protection and put it here."

Book of the Law
-Temple Artifact-
"On activation, you may Discard a card from hand to search Discard Pile for a teal card. Protect your O.T. Good Enhancements in all locations from discard and removal from the game by opponents."

White Site
"While occupied, set-aside abilities used by Persians cannot be Negated."

Clay/Green Site
"If there is no prophet or N.T. Hero in battle at the start of a rescue attempt at this site, protect Brown and Pale Green Evil Characters from Discard and Conversion."
~Same/Acts 1:8

1/4 Gold Evil Character
"Opponent chooses two: capture all Evil Characters in battle to opponent's land of bondage, capture a human, add a Herod to battle."

5/5 Gold Evil Character
"If opponent has used a draw or search ability this turn, you may choose John the Baptist to be the rescuer. May exchange with a Herod or Herodian in territory, hand or deck."

Good Fortress
-Holds any number of enhancements-
"During your discard phase, you may Discard two O.T. enhancements here to search Discard Pile for an enhancement."
I am not talking about T2 unless I am explicitly talking about T2. Also Mayhem is fine now somehow!

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Re: Assorted Reprints
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2016, 12:48:47 PM »
Pharaoh's Dungeon - Love it.  Recommend using the word "hold" instead of "put".  Maybe you could even extend the "regardless of protection" clause to Capture abilities used by your Pharaoahs, perhaps if Pharaoh's Throne Room is in play too, etc.

Book of the Law - Prefer OT Teal card instead of just Teal card.  I like the phrase "all locations", as it is much shorter than "in play, hand, deck, discard, or set-aside" and whatever other locations get invented in the future.

Media - This might handcuff the playtesters in the future for the set-aside battlewinners they can create for Persians.  As of right now, it's great.

Samaria - Recommend protecting from Discard Abilities, not just Discard.  Are there currently any ways to give your opponents site access without their "approval"?  I checked Priestly Crown, Temple Veil, and Salem, and none of them would.  If there is a way, this becomes very powerful for certain defenses.

Herodian - Are "choose ability" abilities going to be defined so that they only identify which player gets to choose the abilities to be carried out?  And that the controller of the ability, by definition, will choose how to carry them out?  There are abilities, such as King Abijah, where the opponent must choose which bad option they want carried out, but they get to choose the targets.

Herodias - I would add, at the end of the first sentence, " search deck or discard for Beheaded or Rash Oath."

Storehouse - Not sure how I feel about it being able to TC recur EEs at the cost of 2 GEs.  That's probably breakable somehow.  Also, since the Storehouses were built to store up food during times of plenty, you could maybe build a trigger into this similar to Gifts of the Magi.  Something like "When an opponent uses a Draw ability, you may place an OT enhancement from deck here, or you may exchange an OT enhancement here with an OT enhancement in discard."

As always, a solid swath of potential cards here   8)
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