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« on: July 17, 2016, 12:48:20 PM »
I have been going through an Acts bible study and I realized there is an enormous wealth of cards to be made just from this book! I'm having a go at them here, starting with the first chapter:

5/4 Clay Hero, TC
-Roman Citizen, X=Number of good brigades your opponent has-
"Your Acts cards Cannot be Prevented and your Acts heroes may use up to X O.T. Good Enhancements of any brigade per turn."
~Acts 1:1-2

Letters to Theophilus
4/2 Clay Enhancement/Artifact
-May be activated on Luke-
"Each phase this round, prevent the first Enhancement played. If played on Theophilus, negate Enhancements."
~Acts 1:1-3

The Ends of the Earth
Multi Site
"When you put a Lost Soul in this Site, choose a good brigade. Choose two: this site becomes that brigade, your N.T. Lost Souls are protected from that brigade this round, and the Lost Soul gains 'cannot be negated.'"
~Acts 1:8

Mount of Olives
Clay/Silver Site
"If a Hero withdraws from a Rescue Attempt at this site, you may shuffle all N.T. Lost Souls."
~Acts 1:12

The Upper Room
Good Fortress
-Holds any number of N.T. Heroes-
"At any time, you may set your N.T. Human Hero aside here for 3 turns (1 if The Holy Spirit is in play). Protect contents from harm. On return, hero gains Clay brigade and a church of your choice."
~Acts 1:13

The 120 Brethren
12/12 Clay Hero
-Generic, Genderless-
"If Holy Spirit is in play, may band to any characters mentioned in Acts 1:13-14."
~Acts 1:15

12/-1 Crimson Curse
-X=Number of opponent's redeemed souls and unoccupied sites, involves music-
"Decrease all characters in battle X/X (do it twice for N.T. characters). If Judas Iscariot is Discarded by this card, return it to hand and play it as Replaced."
~Acts 1:20/Psalm 69:25
1/12 Clay/White Enhancement, TC
-Involves Music-
"You may play Saul from deck and convert to Paul. If your human was discarded this phase, you may add your human to battle. If discarded human was Judas Iscariot, battle ends in a stalemate."
~Acts 1:20/Psalm 109:8

I am not talking about T2 unless I am explicitly talking about T2. Also Mayhem is fine now somehow!

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Re: Acts
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2016, 08:50:52 PM »
wouldn't it be better to have the upper room say play to set aside in the identifier, and then say place here? just for slightly better wording.