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2009 Contest Entries
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Greetings, everyone.

This challenge will be revolving around the year 2009. Anything to do with 2009! Movies, books, politics, anything. If you are a card creator, create your card and send me a copy of it via PM. DO NOT POST YOUR ENTRY HERE! If you are not a card creator, feel free to drop me a PM and tell me the card, along with a picture, verse, and reference.

The Rules:
3 Entries per person.
No copying off other people's ideas.
Family-friendly stuff PLEASE.

The Prizes:
Yes, the winner does a recieve a prize. An ID badge similar to those my friend Wil Kludy (a.k.a mosestaff) gives out in his challenges.

Here are the entries. (Voting ends Friday, June 12th)
I'm posting urls because some of the images are quite large.

RED's Entry #1 (Taken out of contest for offensive content)
RED's Entry #2
Minister Polarius' Entry
Lamborghini Diablo's Entry #1
Lamborghini Diablo's Entry #2
Janissary's Entry
JSB23's Entry #1
JSB23's Entry #2
JSB23's Entry #3

PM me your vote (please keep it simple and title the PM, "Contest Vote" so I don't delete it) and Name the Entry and the person who created it. Contest participants are not allowed to vote.


Name: Contest Vote

>>Swine Flu by Minister Polarius

Thanks and God Bless,
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