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Type 2 1st Place 2020
« on: August 17, 2020, 04:47:37 PM »
100 cards

Remnant x2
Hunter x2
Exiles x2
Darkness x2
Forsaken x2
Distressed x2

FA (wo)
Rubble and Dust

GOYS (last sec add because I counted late the night before)  ;D


Endless Treasures
Josiah's Covenant

Ark of Sal
Throne (old)

Phil's Garrison

Captain (PoC)
Isaiah (FooF)
Joshua, the Conqueror
Mighty Men
Ahimelek (never used)
David, Outcasts' Refuge

Root of Jesse
Isaiah's Call
Gathered Together
Faith of David
Valley of Salt x2
Solomon's Dream
David's Descendant
Faith of Josh x2
Counsel of Abbie x2
A Soldier's Prayer x3

The Deceiver
The Winged Leopard
KoT (PoC) x2
Pagan Sailors
Priest of Zeus
Philly Armorbearer (old)
Devouring Phils
Phil Invaders

Idol Worship
Go Away
Abe's Deceit
Plot to Kill x2
Baal Worship x3
Seized x4

The Lord Delivers
King Jehu

Majestic Heavens
Treacherous Lands
Doomed Canaanites
Red Dragon
Philly Outpost
Philly Invaders
Cov w David
Cov w/ Abe
David, Outcasts

Huge shoutout to Josiah Beers for helping me with this deck over the phone for a couple weeks leading up to Nationals. I had a very solid throne build prior to and had some tricks in it but our conversations really helped streamline this deck. I knew going into Nationals that I would need a couple tune up games because I had not played a full game of Redemption since last year's Nationals. Joe Schaeffer stayed at Chris Fachman's house Tuesday night with Roy and Jeremy Chambers so I asked Joe to play a game Tuesday night. That helped immensely as well to see how fast this offense truly comes out and what it was lacking. I decided this year to play T2 multiplayer at nats, which I have not done in a couple years, to shake off the rust before Friday's T2-2P category. I also decided to not play this deck and instead go to something fun but knowing I probably would not win. I decided on an extremely fast Ruth/Babylonian deck and gladly accepted my 3rd place loss to Jayden running Throne/Phillies go figure.  ;D  I made some mistakes which I actually loved because I was able to hone in on mistakes I made against Justin, Jayden and John M in T2 MP and ensure to not make those same mental mistakes the next day. For example, when I had star abilities I had to check my hand to make sure I did not have something in my hand that topdecked from deck. What I mean by this is that if I had a star ability that topdecked from deck but then I had a TC enh that searched my deck, then the * ability was wasted, or if I top decked a card from reserve then I would actually hurt myself. Same goes for grabbing something with a * ability not knowing what lost souls/covenants I had in hand that could do the same and to make sure I grabbed the correct card, if that makes sense. I also was able to tweak this deck Thursday night and I also want to once again say thank you to Joe Schaeffer. I did not bring my cards this time and Joe provided me everything last minute card I needed for my edits.
Anyway, this deck is amazing but has some room for improvement, but I won't go into that right now and more so focus on what the deck does, or tries to achieve. This deck originally started as a CtB toss deck with Body Armor and I just toss a 7/0 GE. Ultimately, that idea got changed and went to a first turn David to Benny from reserve, second turn David to Hananiah protected Hanny/Benny, and third turn Captured Kinsmen or Ishmaiah. It was good but it really slowed down getting the entire Throne offense out. Thursday night I made the switch to the entire Isaiah band into reserve as well as main deck, with another Throne, and a way to get Throne from deck as well.
Some Throne builds have speed, some have searching, some have battle winners, this has it all. Faith, Faith of Joshua, and ASP really accelerate this deck. I can get out David, Joshua, Captain first or second turn. The lost souls help me grab my two covenants from deck to get out the Throne pieces I need, either Throne or the heroes. Cov w/ Abraham also snags Majestic Heavens for an early soul generator. Usually you need an early generator and your opponent draws into more and this would also give me a second to third turn Sheol, which also helps with Majestic Heavens early on.

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Re: Type 2 1st Place 2020
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2020, 05:27:01 PM »
This deck can attack and do a lot of things really quick and constantly puts consistent pressure on the opponent. Mighty Men, Joshua, Captain all have the ability to negate/get rid of counters/annoyances, plus Mighty Men can look at their hand and draw which is huge because I know if I have to let them play first off Throne and then interrupt or get rid of their EC first. Abbie protects characters and souls plus draws, Ish draws and negates EC's with X, Jonah punishes for searching, Elijah has sneaky good protection plus the obvious CtB, Asahel as a backup bander/CtB who also helps with drawing for Abbie/Ish plus Ish's negate, Josiah for souls/another counter to cards plus in a Throne band he offers CBN Josiah's Covenant and Ahimelek with the obvious CBN bounce if needed. David and Jehoshaphat are the linchpins of the offense and David is amazing. The neutral heroes are also amazing as people like to target Jehoshaphat so Manasseh and Mighty Men help never relying on a single hero. I can't get back Captain but I can get back cloud heroes and Isaiah, so I always have the main portion of the offense. Most people can't block a David to Jehoshaphat to Isaiah first turn, which I did 3 out of 5 games, then I go ahead and add Joshua/Captain through ASP?FOJ/Faith and I immediately start negating and drawing 2. If needed I can triple protect my heroes in territory with Josiah's Covenant to go with Ark/WoP. Faith of David is auto-recurrable through Faith/ASP, which is why there is only one Faith of David. YWR usually just stays up as a counter baiter and stop the pesky Unsuccessful blocks, in theory. With GoH and Sheol out, plus Philly Garrison, I have a lot of add to battle on evil, and YWR and Faith of David out I have add to battle on offense and nothing interferes with each other. David's Descendant is a decent battle winner, usually I use Josiah as meek for Solomon's Dream, but it is mostly used as a tutor for my forts through ASP. ASP is amazing, I can get out Root of Jesse and play Root of Jesse off of Throne and then attack with Isaiah, topdeck it, draw off Throne when they block and play Root again, rinse and repeat. I usually just wait to get out Call and that really hurts when defenses are set up, I usually don't care if I get it early or not, but I like to make sure they do not have Rubble and Dust in their hand and wait for them to finally start trying to defend and then drop Call on Isaiah and make the band even stronger. This offense just does too much. Solomon to look at their hand, protected band that's CBI, CBP, CBN, CBN protection, negating things in play or set aside, underdecking, drawing, protecting souls/characters in territory, adding to battle, drawing then playing, and I can always add in Amaziah at the end for CBN Valley. You would think that big of a chain should take so long to get out it is not feasible, but that's the strength of this deck, ASP gets out everything and puts itself back in the deck to just rinse and repeat battle winners and tutor cards. That also helps to search for tutor cards because then I just have ASP in deck and I am drawing into battle winners for Throne or I just play ASP and go to discard pile for another battle winners, or grabbing The Lord Delivers as good or evil to keep a TC negate out at all times. Throne decks sometimes tend to lack power and the addition of Root of Jesse for ASP, Counsel for ASP, and Valley after looking at their hand for a situational board wipe, is just too much for any defense to handle. Even if my opponent is playing orange, Joshua underdecks GoH and I CtB then play Valley to underdeck their EC's. Orange is usually the best vs Throne and it still wouldn't work against this. Joe did an awesome job at defending me but I decided to get SoG early instead of Throne which allowed him to play first but I needed a soul gone and knew he had search counters. I had some absolutely amazing games against Jayden, Joe, and Emmanuel, but ultimately this offense just puts too much pressure on my opponent, is too fast, and can go snag what it needs plus grabs good dominants. This deck finished at 5-0 (3 wins, 2 time wins both at 6 lost souls) 13 points, +20 differential. In 2018 we had 5 rounds and I won first with 11 points and 8 differential. 2017 Josiah won with 6 rounds with 16 points and 14 diff, so needless to say, this deck really controlled the gamestate.
The defense had a lot to add to battle and all negates. I used to run Coliseum but that got cut. I wanted to run gray the night before and thought my defense would not work but it worked exceptionally well. KoT/Red Dragon are still good, especially with add to battle. Seized really slows down the opponent. Overall, the deck performed exceptionally well and was actually fun to play.