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LoC Only 1st Place
« on: August 17, 2020, 10:15:30 AM »
Not really sure if this deck should go here as the event was not "official".  ;D This deck did amazing but I did need help in my first game from Derek's (YTG) stepson to remind me that Josiah played a lost from a deck so long as a meek hero is in play. He made that move against me when we were both soul droughting one another through Throne of David. I won that first game 4-2 in time but had he not made that play against me I am sure I would not have gotten to full wins like I did.

7 Meeks

Speak Favorably
Acts of Manasseh
The Lord Delivers


Led Astray


All the Curses
Return the Captives
Foreign Horses
Solomon's Oppression
Destroying Bands

David, Outcasts'

Royal Parade
Root of Jesse
The Lord Provides
The Lord's Charge
Counsel of Abbie
David's Triumph
Solomon's Dream


Matt's Begats
Asherah Pole
Hired Sword
Alliance Against Judah
Oath of purity
Marriage Cov
Cov w Philistia

Who would have thought David, Jehoshaphat, Throne, and Solomon's Dream were good? Also, adding to battle, protection, territory class negates, and cbn banding is good in all formats. I did not think the lost souls in this set justify being used over the Unity you gain through using meek lost souls, so that was an easy choice for me. I loved Assyrians when this set first released but I knew they would be popular and I think brown is the better defense overall. Assyrians band and negate but LoC offenses band and negate even more and offense will always win in that game style. Brown chumps very well and it also gave me an extra dominant battle winner. The offense allows me to hide lost souls quickly and two kings on my defense also underdeck meek lost souls. Also, playing to 5 without SoG/TSC, I know I can give up a lost soul or two and then underdeck another 1-2 and then hide them all. That's one reason as to why my differential (+16) was so high. The main point of this offense was to flip Noah with Jehoshaphat and just keep banding him in but in reality I did not need any of that. There are too many heroes to rescue and I have too many ways to get out my fortresses quickly. Matt's Begats and Gates allow me to rescue with a King of Judah and Meek hero at the end and band whatever I want in if I lose that battle. Also, I was able to play all 3 territory class enhs which was a massive advantage. There were times when I was getting soul droughted so instead of hiding my own souls I just through my deck with Throne of David and got out Josiah and placed him in me Jehoaida-David w/ Shields band and now I had 2 protected heroes. So there's a lot of banding, negating, protection and add to battle, pretty standard stuff. The deck hid lost souls and I chump blocked a lot. You can also bounce your heroes plus one of their meek heroes in battle and then chump their non meek or Led Astray them since no many decks band. Before the tournament started John E asked if Led Astray would even work and I figured most people would be using meek in some way, but my offense is very strong so Led Astray gives me a block against that as well and I could manipulate bands and then play LA. This deck has a lot of cool and sneaky plays that I will attempt to remember and breakdown in my future comments, but this was a quick breakdown and deck list.

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Re: LoC Only 1st Place
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2020, 10:29:33 AM »
Round 1 I played against Braydon, Derek's stepson, who won 3rd place in type A two three years ago, 2nd place two years ago, and first place this year, this kid is going to be good and he is way better than people would think for his age. I personally can not wait to get whooped by Brayden in years to come as he grows in the game. We were both playing royalty offense but I have brown defense and he had Assyrians. I know that defense well and know that sometimes people can get tempted to draw their defense out so I did just that. Burned through his few negates, looked at his hand every turn, underdecked my lost souls through Throne and kept chipping away. I looked at his hand and saw no gray enhs for his Captain of the Chariots splash so I made a rescue with David and flipped Bathsheba for a ctb win, 4-2.

Round 2 I played Steve who is an awesome player that I met in T2 and I enjoyed talking to and getting to know him. He was playing brown defense with basically a Noah offense so I knew I was going to have to play well. I got out Throne with Solomon's Dream I think or by topdecking a fortress and had it out by turn 2. He comes in with Noah and shuffles in, well played. He also had Book of the Law with Noah out by turn 2 as well, so it was not looking good. Luckily, I had Joshua so I underdecked his Book to hold back his Noah and then I was able to not draw souls for two turns as well. One rescue I had I was able to look at his hand with Solomon (as I did throughout the day) and saw he had a Led Astray in hand and I had to attack with a Josiah to generate a lost soul. I attacked with a small Josiah band and got out his meek lost soul and acted like that sucked because now his Led Astray worked. So he plays it and then I just add to battle off Gates for a freebie because he could not block. I also was able to look at his hand and do a CtB for an EC that he couldn't really block with either. It was a close game but I edged it out, 5-3.

Round 3 I played John Steckman who was using Ruth and Assyrians which is a formidable deck. Once again, I was able to manipulate the blocked, have protection, add to battle, and just out negate people when I wanted to through Solomon. Looking at their hand to know when to play Chronicles is so strong. I won this game 4-1. John had an amazing block with a big band, negates, and capture to my territory then playing Chronicles on my negate as well. So that was a main reason for the tie and now I knew I had to block him because soul droughting was not going to be an option. He played very well but that offense I use is very strong for this category.

Fourth round I got a full win, 5-1, but I forgot who I played.

I played Derek Frank fifth round and he had a Post Exilic/Philistines defense but I drew the best hand possible and he drew the worst defensive hand possible. I was able to completely drought him, look at his hand, and slowly pick lost souls for his hand for a devastating 5-0 at the end. This just came down to Josiah/Solomon with TC negates, as so many of my rescues did.

I know I saw a royalty offense/Assyrians, Noah/meek brown, Post/Philly, Ruth/Assyrians, and I believe the fourth game was Post/Assyrians, but I am not sure. The deck was very strong and had 13 points, +16 differential, and had I remembered Josiah's ability I think I would have had 4 outright wins, but I am grateful Braydon did that move against me to remind (pretty much show) me that play.

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Re: LoC Only 1st Place
« Reply #2 on: August 19, 2020, 08:12:02 PM »
Great match in Round 2!  Pleasure playing with you Tyler.  Thanks for being patient with me in T2