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Animal Crossing New Horizons


Master Q:
So I've been playing this game nonstop since I'm an AC junkie. Does anyone around here play?

Really, I'm wondering if anyone might have an apple or 2 that they don't need (the only fruit I don't have). Also, I'm really looking for a Valiant statue (the real one, the only art piece I don't have). I have several spare art pieces I could trade for one. This is the only forum I'm on so I thought I'd check here first.

Let me know if you can help out. Carry on...

Haven't been on here in months, so I missed this. Did you still need apples? They are my native fruit.

I do not have the statue. I've only seen Redd three times and all but one piece has been fake, so I'm not getting far there. ;-)

PM sent. I'll leave them at the gate when you're ready.


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