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Shamgar offense
« on: June 23, 2019, 06:13:16 PM »
I am sure someone has made a Shamgar T1 Judges offense, but this dude is legit. Angel with the Secret name goes and gets him and makes his BTN except Judges enhancements CBN. Now you can play CBN Judges enhancements on a CBN BTN guy in battle. Other than Moses Parent's protecting Moses, these seems to be on par with Moses/cloud enhancements. Your offense still gets CBN protected Gideon as well, so there's that. Judges enhancements worth using: (Gold only) Avenged, Shamgar's Oxgoad, Gideon's Call, Samson's Strength, Capturing Canaan, Deborah’s Directive, Ehud’s Dagger, Trumpets and Torches. I would also use Samuel's Edict's to pop off early off a CBN Protected Gideon. Shamgar wants Coliseum out but some of your enhancements don't work through Coliseum. Luckily, there are plenty of CBP enhancements in gold as well. Eli's Sound advice, (works with Phineas out), and Plagues will work through Shamgar with Coliseum up. I like the thought of all Judges/CBP enhancements with 2 Coliseum main deck and 1 in reserve and keep that puppy on the board at all times. Now that there are enough Judges reference heroes you can make a t2 deck with enough decent heroes, although your main 2 are, minus your angels, Shamgar and Gideon. If you don't play Coliseum you can play Sam's Edict off of Gideon and also have Deborah's Directive for a nice CBN band with protection and negate all.
With Coliseum out you negate everything in battle and all your enhancements are cbn which include, a negate and discard the last evil enhancement, d/c an EC, capture 2 evil humans, underdeck an EC, plus plagues, and avenged (d/c a judge to d/c all evil cards in battle-not too shabby). So yeah, this offense is a turn 1 beast and really they have to play CBN enhancements while negating Coliseum or they have to have to have a CBN EC like Nerg/Naaman (crimson/gray). I haven't seen much love for Syrians this season, Nerg will be used but he's easy enough to get rid of.
Thoughts? Ways to stop this effectively and consistently?
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Re: Shamgar offense
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2019, 07:41:53 PM »
It is a fairly strong combo, but I feel that Coliseum is the card that is doing most of the heavy lifting here, not Shamgar negating and still being able to play enhancements.  The main struggle with Coliseum’s strength is that you have to pick both an offense AND defense that Coliseum does not hurt that are still effective, and you have a way to consistently get Coliseum out early enough to matter.
It is also worth noting that AwtSN cannot exchange for Shamgar after he is in your territory, giving you only one shot with the CBN on him.

As for things that would work against Shamgar/Coliseum here are some options that I’ve used/seen:
Nerg/Naaman - as you already mentioned, I think these are both strong against this
Humble - can allow your opponent to play mourn and weep/besieging the city (skip next battle cards), also will get through the negate protect abilities part of Coliseum AND Shamgar negate all to allow the ‘protect lost souls from opponent cards’.  Also it can just allow them to target and remove Shamgar/Coliseum directly.
Three Woes - on Coliseum sets you up for any number of CBN cards
Heavenly Censer - on Coliseum sets you up for any number of CBN cards
Shipwreck - on Coliseum sets you up for any number of CBN cards
Saducee captures + Prison site
Demetrius the Silversmith + Seized by Rioters
King Zedekiah + Dungeon of Malchiah
Haman’s Plot
Magic Charms
Unholy Writ
Fortelling Angel + Lions
Red Dragon - Immune CBP
Covenant with Death - straight up negates Shamgar without AwtSN
Holy of Holies - negates Shamgar without AwtSN
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