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« on: June 23, 2019, 11:11:51 PM »
Just a heads up, I am making this without looking at any cards because the idea came to my head and I just felt like posting it instead of making it all. I know it's really good just not sure how good.

David, the Shepherd x2
Dutiful Priest x2
Captive Priest x2
Mighty Men x2
Ahimelek x2

Jordan Interrupted x2
Bravery of David x2
Zeal for the Lord x2
Battle Cry
Jehoaidia's Strength
Gifts and Offerings x2
Trumpet and Sword
Not Alone

The Tabernacle

Foreign Sword x2

Urim and Thummin
The Silver Trumpets
Aaron's Staff
Ram's Horn x3

I only listed 12 good enhancements, for this style of deck I would run 14 so I have some flexibility there. Also, the heroes can be changed or swapped if needed but that seems to be a good start at least. This offense has a lot of ways to attack. It has some strong bands, multiple ways of banding in Ahimelek(CBN)/Foreign Sword(CBI), Ram's Horn plus initiative or Ram's Horn Jordan Interrupted battle winner, The Tabernacle keeps battle winners coming, being able to peak at opponent's hand, and also banding in Ahimelek with Captive Priest or Dutiful Priest in a slick way with The Silver Trumpets. I think a grey defense with Naaman would be nice in this deck for the convert CBN WC red hero, that just seems to fit, but this offense is already good as is. The red helps supplement the lack of speed teal seems to have while adding banding as well, another department mono-teal hero's lack. Aaron's Staff is still an amazing card so pulling out lost souls, CBN Tabernacle hero special abilities and discarding an evil card, my choice, seems like a for sure fit even if I don't have a ton of Tabernacle heroes, there's enough to justify that card. For the size of the offense I am very impressed with how many ways it has to attack and the power behind it, as well as the Tabernacle being able to recur/exchange also helps keeping the offense going. I could add A Soldier's Prayer or a teal star card to get to 14+/-1
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Re: Teal/Red
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2019, 11:47:10 PM »
For the final 2 GE slots, I'd run either Hailstones or Faith of Barak for some "clear the field" battle winners.
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