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GoC Gold + Hand Attack Defense
« on: July 03, 2022, 10:53:07 PM »
I had been working on this deck for a little while in preparation for MD State and the below list is what I actually used. The idea behind the deck is to use the defense to limit the resources in hand with the Romans + Roman Whip while also putting pressure via The Afflicted + Fall of Man/Birthing Pains/Serpents Curse active as artifacts. The offense is geared around reserving the most possible cards from opponent's deck and then either out numbering them with banding or tossing.

In the test draws that I've done, the defense doesn't usually have trouble setting up because there are enough Romans and enough Whips to get at least 2 of each out within a couple turns and this is sped up even more when Kingdoms comes out. The offense though has been much harder to get to come out early and has proved to be extremely slow. The only times I've had good success with getting the offense up is when The Nobleman is out early. He is definitely super important for this offense.

In the 1 game I played at MD State, I lost by count of 5-2 at timeout. There were only 2 of us playing so that was the only game. I was able to get Afflicted + Genesis 3 Curses out by turn 4 I think and I also had 2 romans with whips on them set up with Distressing People in opponent's territory on turn 2 or 3. This made it slow going for his offense at first, mostly because he was just waiting to get something that would get by me because he knew I had Christian Martyr in hand. I don't think he was too concerned about the defense I had out though. I didn't get to Nobleman though and I only ended up drawing 2 or 3 Heroes the whole game so I was pretty limited with my attacking. I did manage to reserve a good portion of his deck but that part of the strategy didn't prove fruitful to deter him at all. Christian Martyr basically just stalled the game because he didn't have banding he wanted to use. He was able to wipe out my defense by choosing The Afflicted to block after playing I Am He before entering battle and then playing AoC. The rest of the game was I couple of feeble attacks by me and him walking in for freebees.

Any advice would be appreciated. As you can see, I do not have very many rotation dominants but I don't mind taking suggestions on which ones to put in and what you would recommend taking out. My biggest thing about the defense is that I think I've spread it too thin and it needs to be focused better on the hand attacking which maybe means getting rid of the hand decreasing or vice versa. The offense needs more ways to get the heroes out so you can actually rescue.

LS Distressed x2
LS Accusers x2
LS Unfaithful x2
LS Stumble x2
LS Remiss x2
LS Hunter x2
LS Oppressed x2
Crowd's Choice
Tree of Knowledge
Golden Calf
Unholy Writ x2
Thirty Pieces of Silver x2
Samaritan Water Jar x2
Concealed Riches
Judas Iscariot/Judas, the Betrayer
Man with the Withered Hand
The Repentant Thief/The Condemned Thief
The Centurion at Cavalry/Roman Centurion
The Centurion at Capernaum/Roman Centurion
Ten Virgins x2
Restitution/Extortion x2

Son of God
Angel of the Lord
Voice from Heaven
Wall of Protection
Herod's Temple
Faithful Servant
The Nobleman
Jairus' Daughter
The Persistent Widow
Seeker of the Lost
Citizens of Sychar
The Woman at the Well
The Thankful Leper
The Good Samaritan
Lost Coin Found x2
Restoring the Afflicted x3
Amazing Faith x3
Talitha Kum! x4
Teaching in Parables x4
Submission to Christ x4

Christian Martyr
Vain Philosophy
Kingdoms of the World
Distressing People
The Terrifying Beast
Pontius Pilate
Emperor Domitian
Emperor Claudius
Mocking Soldiers
King Hazael
Unrepentant Moabites
Simon the Host
The Afflicted
Coliseum Lion x2
Birthing Pains
Withered Seed x2
Stormy Seas x2
Plunder and Pillage x2
Famine in the Land x2
Roman Whip x4
Sorrow of Mary x4

Samaritan Water Jar
Concealed Riches x2
Lost Sheep/Good Shepherd
Watchful Servant
Day of Judgment
Restoring the Afflicted
Amazing Faith
Fall of Man
Birthing Pains
Serpent's Curse x2
Ashtaroth Worship
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