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Title: There are no Mulligans in Redemption
Post by: CactusRob on July 11, 2017, 02:48:36 PM
The process of shuffling one's deck, allowing the opponent to cut and drawing your opening hand is covered on pp 5-6 of the 4th Edition Rulebook.  Even so, apparently there has been some recent confusion about it by at least one player.  So, allow me to restate the rules:

-Once players have been matched, they may begin shuffling their decks. Once a player has finished shuffling, the opponent may give the deck a cut or the opponent may request to shuffle the deck as well. If the opponent decides to shuffle the deck, the player may then give his own deck a cut after the opponent is done shuffling. Throughout the course of the game whenever a deck is shuffled, the shuffling player must give the opponent(s) an opportunity to cut the deck (though the opponent(s) may decline if they so choose).

-Once shuffling is complete, the judge will announce the start of the round and players may draw their opening hand. Players may not draw any cards until the judge makes the announcement that time has begun.

With respect to tournament play, if a player draws cards prior to the start of the round, looks at his cards and then reshuffles his deck, that player shall forfeit that game 0-5.