Author Topic: Convert entry special conditions updated for clarity  (Read 636 times)

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Convert entry special conditions updated for clarity
« on: August 24, 2016, 10:01:10 PM »
Last Updated: 8/23/2016 (v4.0.0)
Released: 7/26/2011

General Description
A convert ability changes one or more characteristics of a card. This may include alignment, card type, or brigade.

How to Play
A converted card generally retains its special abilities, identifiers, and type. It gains or changes its components only as specified by the convert ability.
A convert ability targets the cards that are to be converted.
A convert ability is instantaneous.

Default Conditions
● Converted characters are converted to the brigade color of the card with the convert ability.
● A convert ability only targets humans unless a specific non-human target is specified.
● Targets must be in play.
● Special abilities on Heroes (and good weapons) that have been converted to Evil Characters (and evil weapons) can never activate.
● Special abilities on Evil Characters (and evil weapons) that have been converted to Heroes (and good weapons) may activate, except for special abilities that specifically target Heroes when the card is at face value.
● Converted characters retain their identifier(s) unless the identifier is alignment specific. Heretic, magician, and prophet on Evil Characters do not convert when they become a Hero. Angel on Heroes becomes demon when they convert to an Evil Character. Missionary on Heroes does not convert when they become to an Evil Character.
● Convert abilities are permanent unless a duration is specified.

Special Conditions
● If a warrior-class character bearing a weapon-class enhancement is converted, the weapon class enhancement is automatically converted with the character. It converts to the same brigade and remains on the character.
● If a convert ability creates a Hero blocking in battle or an Evil Character attacking, then that character must return to the territory of the player with permanent control of the card as a response to the convert ability.
● When a convert ability allows a player to choose the brigade of the card being converted, then that player must choose an existing brigade for that card type.
● Multicolor is not a specific color and cannot be used as a resultant brigade.
● The words “repent” and “fall” indicate a convert ability.
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