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Title: Targeting - Do as Much as You Can (DoN vs. Lampstand)
Post by: Gabe on August 26, 2016, 05:29:03 PM
With the latest update we've discussed how targeting works and "do as much as you can". These are known rules by experienced players but they are not codified anywhere. We see that as a problem and plan to address that in the next REG update by adding a section explaining targeting.

One of the results of our conversation was revisiting an old ruling that said "DoN cannot target Lampstand for discard because of the way DoN is worded. Since the discard is listed first, it's still true that Lampstand is protected and cannot be targeted for discard. However, we see not reason that a player should not "do as much as they can" allowing DoN to negate Lampstand due to the second sentence of DoN.