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Please Help Two Teenagers Go to Redemption Nationals- High End Drawing!


This year my playgroup is seeking to make it possible for the top two teenage players in the group to go to the 2023 Redemption National Tournament in Tennessee. We are on the Oregon coast and I believe are the furthest west out of any active playgroup in the nation. The plane tickets for the top two teenage players (Timothy and Steven) in the group to go to Nationals have been purchased but we need to raise funds to cover the cost. Would you consider donating to help these two teenagers go to Nationals? It would be a dream come true for them! Please consider donating here:

To facilitate this I have decided to do a high end drawing:

The Drawing:

Those who donate at least $20 will have one slip with their name entered into a drawing for the lot below. For every increment of $20 donated you will receive an extra slip in the drawing. So for example if you donate $100 you will have 5 slips with your name on it entered into the drawing. Once the fundraising goal has been reached Timothy, Steven, and myself will livestream the drawing on Twitch to reveal the winner.

I truly cannot afford to pay for Steven/Timothy’s flights for Nationals but really want to help them be able to go so I have decided to part with these special items from my collection to hopefully help them be able to go to Nationals. As some of you know I had sold all of the rest of my special Nats promos a while back and these are the only ones I kept as they are my personal favorites for various reasons. Well for the benefit of these two teenagers I am going to part with them along with some other treasures from my collection.

Please be generous in donating: Timothy and Steven are great kids and coming from low income backgrounds this would be the biggest vacation of their entire childhood. Steven for instance has never been on a plane and is quite excited about that part too.

[NOTE: The winner of the drawing will be asked to cover shipping costs. Shipping the framed uncut sheet will cost some money but should not be too bad]

The Prize:

Scattered 2021 Nats Top Cut Promo- $200 value (per Chris Fachman pricing)
Limited Framed Uncut Sheet- $180 value (it would cost around $200 to frame the uncut sheet due to its size. This is beautifully framed by a skilled woodworker specializing in frames with high quality class. The sheet itself is probably worth $50-$100. I do a $180 value due to the rarity of something like this being sold on the market).
Angel of the Lord 2016 Nats Promo- $150 value (YTG has the 2017 AotL Promo priced at $140 and since 2016 is older I think this is a fair price estimate since nowhere has one for sell)
Angel of the Lord 2020 Nats Promo- $105 value (YTG Pricing)
Authority of Christ (UR+)- $80 value (YTG Pricing)
Michael 2017 Nats Promo- $75 value (TLG Pricing)
The Resurrection (UR+)- $70 value (YTG Pricing)
Beelzebub (UR+)- $70 value (YTG Pricing)
Foreign Wives 2022 Nats Side Event Promo x2- $65 value (per RedDragonThorn Consult)

Total value: $1060


Whole Prize Lot:

Spoiler (hover to show)
Just the Cards:
Spoiler (hover to show)

To facilitate donations I have decided to do a drawing accompanying this GoFundMe. The winner of the drawing will get a lot of rare/valuable Redemption items worth over $1,000! Full details above.

Please consider donating here:

Round 2 has begun!  Another young teenager needs help to go to Nationals. Think of it being similar to VBS. Thanks

Thank you Sadness for posting this here. Also a huge thank you to all who donated to the first fundraiser making it possible for two teenagers from the Coos Bay, Oregon play group to go to Nationals!

I forgot entirely to post about this on the forums.

Yes indeed we are fundraising for a third teenager from the Coos Bay, Oregon play group to go to Redemption Nationals. He is a 9th grade student. Also a portion of this fundraiser will help the second member of the group go as there was a problem with one of his tickets with the airlines. We actually have two prize lots that two different winners will get. For each $20 you donate you will get an entry into the drawing.

All details are here on Land of Redemption:

Here is a direct link to the second GoFundMe:


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